petunias, pansies & puppies

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nessie (Bleet) happily hanging out on our front porch

A porch full of annuals to plant in pots and baskets and around trees and on back yard forest graves of Ernst and Emma Jane Louise. My weekend zoomed by and seemed unusually filled with contented busyness and goodness. I made great progress in beginning the taming of my backyard jungle. I lugged branches, and hauled big bags of compost and soil and bark. I dug and yanked and I pushed La Red Beast around and she and I mowed lovely paths into my forest. I was bitten, and bruised and thorned and stung (Nettles) and I got incredibly dirty and honestly it was all fantastic. Secretly - I had a ball and I can't wait until this evening to get back out there again. This morning I feel achy and sore in spots and even that feels great.

I went with my friend Carol to see puppies, she's finally getting a dog 4 years after her last canine heartbreak - saying goodbye, very suddenly, to her cancer stricken corgi named Friday. Her new puppy is just 5 weeks old today, his name will be Lucas (Luke for short). The father is a beautiful English Setter and the Mom a Springer Spaniel.

sleepy Luke in Carol's arms

brother Boo - the puppy that I was considering bringing home

After a weekend of incredibly intense rumination on the big puppy decision I have come to the conclusion that 29 Black Street, for now, will be a one dog household. Soon when we walk at the beach on the weekends we'll be three women and three dogs - we'll each have 1 dog - perfect. I have a house full of family now with my 4 cats and my one Winnie Dixon - I feel like that's all the love I can handle right now. As you know I'm still missing my boy Jake and am not really even close to getting used to our life without him in it. I'm not even sure why getting another dog has seemed like such an urgent need (not only by me but by others who know me well). I guess having three dogs for such a long time, and taking them everywhere with me, my pack became a part of my persona - Oh there goes Susan and her dogs. I'm realizing that that chapter is over and I'm on to a new, and ever unfolding, chapter in my life.

My elderly neighbour Jean and I went to the ice cream parlour at the end of our street in the afternoon. One of the many things she and I share in common is a wicked sweet tooth and we both especially love ice cream. She had a milkshake and I had a double scoop of hard ice cream, 2 different flavours dipped in chocolate and we sat on a bench in the park by the harbours edge and talked. It was warm and breezy, I was covered with dirt and melted sticky ice cream drips, and an absolutely perfect Sunday afternoon.


  1. Oh that Boo has the sweetest pupper face!! I'm sure you had to think long and hard about that one. We faced the same dilemma when Ralphy died and decided that we were entering a new chapter of our lives with more travel, etc.

  2. What a glorious weekend!

    I have come to the same decision as you and Willow regarding a new pup. Dogs were such a huge part of my life for so long. My FFH (future former husband) and I literally made every decision about where to go and what to do around the pups.

    Now it is just myself and my grand daughter in the house. And I know the chances to get away, travel, or do something alone away from the house when she is visiting friends would be much more limited if we lived with a dog. That chapter is closed for now but I fully expect to reread it someday. Those puppy faces still tug at my heart fiercely!

  3. beautiful flowers.... cute puppy..... ....

    I am off for a week visit my sis....I will miss all of the entertainment...great pics...

    she has dial up and usually her computer is on the fritz...but, she is a horsey gal anyway... inside stuff holds no interest for her and we play outside all week. I will be having a fun time shoveling poop..petting horses... gardening etc.... see you guys next week. have a good one...

  4. Splendid summery photos.

    Who wouldn't consider getting a dog when there is a cute face like that staring up at you?!

  5. both puppies are just too cute! it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend -- dirt, dogs and ice cream and all! i've been thinking about getting another puppy for some time but have decided for now to let my dear presley be the king of our house. he has earned the peace and quiet he enjoys in his old age.

  6. "...after a weekend of incredibly intense rumination" Oh I know what that is like. Have been going through exactly the same thing the last couple of days with a little shelter cat.Like you, I decided for various reasons not to take her,but the whole thing has taken its toll on me! Your photos are beautiful.


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