la lobster roll

Sunday, June 8, 2008

la (cooked by someone else) lobster

Last weekend the local volunteer fire department had their annual surf and turf barbecue dinner & dance. No I didn't go ! For those of you who have clued in to the fact that I have barely any social life, fortunately that suits me just fine as I'm as happy as a reclusive clam (in the social department anyway - wink). The girls that I walk with on weekend mornings at the beach did both go to this event. And it happens that the husband of Debbie, (mother of Maggy Sue a golden retriever and best girl friend of Winnie Dixon) does not like lobster. I had been lamenting on our walks, since the beginning of lobster season - May 1st - my desire to have a lobster roll. Thus far I'd been too cheap to order one in our local and seasonal (famous for seafood) restaurant. At $10. a pop, my frugal girl mind is always thinking well if I went to the lobster pound myself, I could get a can of cold pack (frozen lobster meat) for $20. and make 4 lobster rolls, plus making them myself I'd know they were prepared just perfectly - the way I remember them from my childhood.

Last Sunday morning Debbie gave me a whole lobster, left over from the soirée the night before. How sweet was that. Red gold in these parts.

The key ingredients to any good lobster roll are mayonnaise (never salad dressing) and a buttered white bread hot dog bun and it must be the kind with crust less sides. Because you butter these bready sides and grill each side in a frying pan - so the outside of the bun becomes crispy, browned and buttery like the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich while the inside stays steamy and soft.

Last weekend the grocery store was completely sold out of this particular type of hot dog bun. So I cleaned my lobster with the help of Bleet (he's always been a connoisseur of fine and expensive seafood) and put my treasure into the freezer to await the perfect buns. Yesterday morning I came home with a squishy 12 pack of the good buns and late in the afternoon, after hours of tearing and lugging and mowing and hacking away at my backyard jungle, I enjoyed my perfect lobster roll accompanied by a tall mason jar filled with ice tea with a big wedge of lemon. And I savoured every delicious bite.

lobster roll
buttered and grilled hot dog bun
smidge of Dijon mustard (because I'm on a bit of Dijon kick at the moment)
garlic chives from the garden


  1. Good grief that makes my mouth water!

  2. Mmmm....lobster. Surprisingly, during the year I spent in Halifax, I only had lobster twice. The first time was a rather disappointing lobster roll purchased on a Sunday drive to Cow Bay before the tourist season started. The second was a typical lobster dinner at Murphy's on the wharf in Hali when a friend visited from Ottawa. Yum. I'm sure I'd have had more, but like you, I'm a bit (very) reclusive, and don't get out much. Maybe I should just get myself a big pot and make it at home!

  3. Patti try cold pack (the flash frozen already cooked lobster pieces) that way there is no murderous killing in boiling water on your conscience as you enjoy your lobster roll.

  4. Oh my, oh my. I am once again leaving your blog feeling incredibly hungry. That lobster roll looks fabulous.

    I am on a dijon kick at the moment, too, throwing a tad of it into just about everything. It makes for a great potato salad, too.

    I always get a good giggle reading the description of you working in your yard. :)

  5. MMMMMMMMMM...mfff... sounds so yummy I am drooling....

  6. Are your reclusive becasue of all your work and projects or is it the artist in you needing self reflection alone time to rejuvenate?

    Love the blog entry. I can just picture being there.


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