Saturday, June 28, 2008

paper collage - Mon petite chat noire - Bleetito

Total change of pace this morning, well a visual change of pace at the very least. Lets lift those spirits up, way, waayyy up (and I'll call Rusty). With red and lime green and a kooky illustration of Bleet back when he still was a petite cat. This will be one of three prints available in my upcoming Etsy shop update. Along with a much larger group of photography prints I will also have three (to start) illustrated small poster prints. 8.5 x 11, suitable for framing, printed on heavy, brilliant white card weight stock, gorgeous saturated colour ... yada yada yada .... smile.

Yesterday was one of those mildly remarkable days here at the drawing desk at 29 Black Street. I mentioned earlier in the week that I was in between design assignments. No assigned projects on the drawing table for over a week ... Now usually this would start the creep of worry to grow and fester inside of me but with several fat invoices out there in the ether I have been reasonably relaxed about it all ... that and I've fallen somewhat under the spell of summer - this past week the weather has been spectacular. That said, part of being self employed, in my case anyway, is the constant need to be hustling up the next round of work. Hustling without pestering, so Thursday I put in a call to my pal Val at customer No Uno ... I left a voice mail message telling her I had some time and was willing to work up a few thumbnail drawings and did she have any specific themes that she might want me to work on ? (this company produces primarily photo frames). She called me back yesterday early and said Yes, how about Botanical as a theme ? Sometimes the ideas just miraculously come, out of my head down through my beloved red mechanical pencil and onto a blank sheet of tracing paper. Effortlessly and almost thought-lessly (in the good way). Yesterday was on of those days. A few thumbnails sketched out, scanned and sent. Fast forward to the end of the day and the details of a new assignment- 15 frames. That's 15 x my per frame drawing rate. As I said to Miss Dixon, who was in her usual spot in her bed under my desk Mama's gonna sleep tonight ... and that's after I told myself ... I Rock ! (at least I Rock occasionally) Wink.

Very tight deadline, all 15 drawings need to be finished, scanned and sent by end of day Monday. So I'll be here at my desk, happily drawing, all weekend ... which suits me just fine.

I'd like to say thanks to a few of my blogging friends whose comments and words continually boost my spirits and make me smile, and often make my day. It's the first thing that I do each morning as I sit with my coffee shortly after 5am. I read the comments from the day before. My New Zealand friend Pherenike, who often feels like a far away twin. Anya, Mary D. and Judy in Ky who've been here through the thick and the thin and it's been pretty thin at times. BumbleVee and J. - it seems that they've been with us from the beginning and we're not sure how they ever found us but we're sure glad they did. And new friends Willow for her daily constant words of encouragement. Mmm who catches up with us sporadically, and always leaves behind him a trail of kind comments. Erin from Design For Mankind who stopped by yesterday and being the designer gal that I am, her visit felt like a movie star had come to say hello. (Oh swoon). Pam in Adelaide - whose known the kind of love that I speak of V. who doesn't comment often but when she does her words remind me that I have kindred spirits, especially here in this world. And Austen, Patti, Paula, Yoli & Suzie Q ... thank you so much.


  1. Susan, you certainly do have some kindred spirits out here. We share your love of nature and animals and your sensitive soul. I still have the little blue bowl with your treasures from the sea where I see it every day, and it always makes me smile.

  2. Thank you, Susan for your sweet recognition. I am sitting here RIGHT ON THE BEACH in Oregon, finally catching up on your blog, my dear daily dose of stepping into your world. I haven't been able to read for a week...was driving out here, so this morning has been a treat of catching up on entries and comments.

    It was funny to me on this morning's entry when you mentioned drumming up some quick business. By the time I read today's I was getting worried as I read, figuring you might be worrying about your brief lull in work projects. Cool that you made a quick call and...voila! work on the drawing board.
    I saw a cartoon drawing in some salesman's venue once that I try to use as a motto, not for sales, since I am not a salesman (woman), but for lots of other situations.

    There are these two buzzards who have been sitting in the top of a dead tree for an hour waiting for lunch to appear on the highway in the form of juicy road-kill. Finally, one buzzard turns to the other and says, "Patience hell! I'm going to go kill something."

    Love a go-for-it attitude!

  3. ... and, ..... may I also thank you, Winnie et les chats for popping by my blog as well Susan.

    For a landlocked Canuck.... your shots of water and the beach and, for that matter, all things beachy are lovely to see and a great daily "fix". Like Judy, I have my sea glass right where I walk past it many times a day ... maybe some sea glass packets would even sell on etsy?? with a little regional depiction or something?

    Love Bleetito... hahahha...before he grew up... and out....

    happy day....Vee

  4. Bleetito is so cool!! He is one rockin' kitty!! Fun to hear of your exciting productivity. And thanks for you kind words! :)

  5. You are most welcome, Susan. I am anxiously waiting for your Etsy shop update. Love the picture of Bleet. My sea glass still sits on my bedside table in a little fish shaped bowl.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for writing and creating this lovely place to visit!

    I like BumbleVees Etsy idea.

  7. this illustration of bleet really makes me smile! can't wait to see what you add to your etsy shop!

  8. Well, here's another 'kind' comment:

    I love the idea of you waking early up in the morning, coffee in hand, sitting at your mac and reading these comments before plunging into a days work of creativity. To leave a comment now feels like we are part of that wonderful process.

    Again, another fabulous piece of art. I'd love to see your botanical sketches too you just whisked up.

    Good luck with everything. thank you for sharing your serene/wistful/creative world with is truly one of my top favourite places to visit. I just love your blog--everything about it. I'm not just saying that, it is really true. I savour coming here. It makes me pensive and reflective.

  9. Awwww, Susan. A movie star? You are so, so silly.

    Sending you billions of hugs across the seas.

  10. Hi Susan, thank you so much for making me blog of the week!
    i absolutely love this print by the way.


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