Tuesday, June 3, 2008


These beautifully coloured jelly candies (a new favourite thing) on a stick are from a company called ticklesticks. BFF Harry sells them at his little gift and home decor store which I must pass on my way to the post office each day. Beautiful colours and shapes plus they're quite yummy, tart and chewy ...

Big excitement outside my office windows yesterday. A fledgling crow had tumbled (I'm assuming) from his nest at the tip top of my big pine tree in the front garden (about 15 feet from my window). Big fat Bleet was outside prowling around and the parents were frantic. Rushing from branch to branch and squawking at the Bleetness who appeared to be quite disinterested. Baby crows are quite large and it seems Bleet's big time hunting days are behind him. Thankfully.

I went out and retrieved Bleet who appeared quite content to be removed from all the ruckus and the parents immediately seemed very relieved. Once the Nessie was sequestered safe in the house I went back out into the garden to check around for a baby bird and sure enough at the base of my pine tree a big black baby crow. They're huge - bigger than a fat full grown robin. He was just sitting there. When I checked on him a few hours later he was gone and so were the parents ...

Any bird site will tell you to leave the fledglings alone, don't touch them or move them unless you are absolutely sure that the birds are in imminent danger or are injured from the tumble from their nest. This is all part of growing up, sometimes they stay on the ground a few days, parents hovering near by and caring for them until they get their wings going. The crows seem to be calm and quiet this morning so I'm hoping all is well with the family of crows that lives here, in the big pine tree, at 29 Black Street.


  1. Whenever there's a bird ruckus going on outside, it's always a mother protecting her nest. We've had a few of those this spring, too.

    Man, my mouth is watering just looking at those gummy candies.

  2. I've had baby mourning doves hiding under shrubbery while their parents keep watch. Luckily, my kitties are confined to the balcony, otherwise there would have been casualties.

  3. what a delightful story! we have sparrows nesting in our back bird house every year and they make a fuss whenever presley is out there. that cracks us up since presley can't see or hear the birds too much any more.

  4. aren't those the strangest candy thingies? The big turquoise one looks shark-like....


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