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Friday, June 13, 2008

Jake and a very young Miss Winnie Dixon

...and a baby Winnie Dixon.

Oh sigh ! Jake, that big happy (always) smile, and eyes as kind and gentle as can be and our Miss Winn with her scrawny little Wanda Cameron legs (something that Carol says to Winnie when Winnie goes into the water and comes out all fluffy and scraggly atop little toothpick black legs - you've got Wanda Cameron legs Miss Winnie. Wanda Cameron apparently has little legs also). Both dogs basking in the golden light of a sun just risen, another early morning adventure avec les sticks at our beach. The most perfect light and certainly the most flattering, especially to an oh so handsome red coated boy.

I still can't speak about him without getting a catch in my throat and tears beginning to well up in my eyes. I know you already know this ... but God how I love that dog and oh how I miss him. Both of us miss him, Winn & I. I wonder almost daily how is it that I've lived through such sadness and longing, that our life has just gone on without him ... I do know now, if I can live through this ... I can live through anything.

It's really windy this morning. It's sunshine and a cloudless blue sky and white caps fill our little harbour. Miss Dixon is snoring in her bed under my desk and another new day is just beginning.


  1. Willow, Wanda Cameron legs ... and sweet little homes for snakes tucked away in a forest of ivy. xo, S.

  2. Your animals are adorable and I am sad for your loss.It looks like a beautiful outing, magical.

  3. your place there by the beach must be truly wondrous. i am sad for your loss of jake.


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