last evening

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Winnie's friend Merlin - c'est petite beau francophone chien

spectacular light ... sky and landscape

a row of white cottages - this is where we've walked from

more abstract painting inspiration - I love these muted stripes of colour

Miss D near the lilacs, walking home along the street that borders our harbour

almost home again, back along the path - the wharf where the big ships dock

Last night around 7pm or so ... as I sat at the computer working on a mindless and slightly tedious (in a good way, in a get-yourself-in-that-tedium-groove way) job, I kept glancing out my big studio windows which overlook the harbour. The skies had been stormy all day and as the sun was beginning to get lower in the sky the combination of light and dark, of grey and brilliant greens bathed in that late in the day warm golden sunshine made me grab my camera and get my girl Winnie Dixon and we rushed out ... down to the end of Black Street and into the park, down the path that runs along the edge of the harbour that leads to the crescent beach that's within the village limits. The tide was out and we ran into our friends Louise & Merlin. We walked and talked and we marveled at the spectacular evening that was unfolding around us. An evening as still as could be, the air warm and damp from an earlier down pour and a sky and light that was absolutely breathtaking.

If you click on these photos you can see them much larger. Click on the second photo and off way in the distance you'll see a point of land jutting into the harbour and the lighthouse -that's where we walk every morning. We drive a 5 minute drive to walk out there in our other paradise.


  1. Beautiful photos, Susan. I especially like number four, where the sky meets the water.

  2. Hi,
    More gorgeous landscapes from you.

    Lovely, I clicked them all big to get a better look.

  3. i really enjoy taking walks along your beach. these photos are wonderful!

  4. merci, merci, merci mon amis !

  5. Always enjoy your spectacular pix!

  6. Ooh, what a wonderful place you have here! It's my first visit, but I'll be back!

  7. you live in a beautiful place and capture it so well.


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