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Monday, June 2, 2008

Miss Dixon on an afternoon stroll at our beach

A few photos of my best girlfriend and constant companion - Winnie Dixon taken at various points along our afternoon walks.

Another perfect day, yesterday. Sunny and very warm and I puttered in the back garden all day. Planted Sweet 100 cherry tomato plants, moved a few things, I weeded and dug , planted a big clump of sweet pea seeds, added manure and compost and peat moss to little beds, I drank ice tea and watched the birds. Winnie worked a bit on her "big dig" excavation and in the early evening I barbecued on my little red charcoal grill. Sigh. I must confess, this time of the year I do love this house and yard - it drives me crazy because it's so lush and green and tangled and overgrown and I love it. And especially, my very private backyard... it's heaven.

looking off into the distance, out to sea ...her favourite pose

green freshly mowed grass and blue, blue sky


  1. After feeling like a sloth, I actually scrubbed off the patio this morning before I visited all my bloggy friends. ;)

  2. Miss Dixon always looks so calm and relaxed. Beautiful!

  3. I made a little sitting area on my covered front porch this weekend, using comfy chairs and down pillows. It's protected. Even hung a painting on the wall. Then I sat there yesterday for hours reading and sipping tea. Don't know why I didn't do that when I first moved into this house!

    Little Miss Dixon looks like a most fascinating companion.

  4. Anya your porch area sounds lovely - there is nothing more perfect than a screened in or covered porch. Especially when it's raining. And yes that Miss Dixon, she is the absolute best companion ... and oh what would I have done without her these last few months.

    And Willow's out on her porch as well and how about you Mary D ?

  5. I'm definitely envious of your huge private backyard. I like my top floor balcony with the tall trees, but there's always someone around, so hard to feel alone.
    And I love your sketchbook page, your shoe designs are particularly gorgeous.

  6. winnie has the most adorable and expressive face. i think she looks like the bestest companion! your home and garden sound wonderful!!


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