Thursday, June 12, 2008

sweet Oliver shares an ice cream cone with me

I'm at my desk pretty much a normal work day - close to 8 hours. The thing about working for myself is that I'm free to leave this desk whenever I please. Normally I wait and go to the post-office or do any afternoon errands when Miss Dixon and I are on the way for our afternoon beach walk. When I have a project on the go I do try to stay put through lunch until about 3:30 (later if I'm on a deadline) and then she and I pile into the car and off we go. Yesterday I needed to mail something earlier (so that it would leave this little village with the afternoon mail). On the way back from the post office I had to walk by our new ice cream parlour ... and I have a frequent buyer Ice cream club card. Wink. Two scoops, two different flavours, Toffee Almond something and Black Forest Cheesecake. Sweet Oliver hangs out here with with me most of the time I'm in my office, most often on his pillow in the big window basking in the sun as cats are so good at and yesterday he even had a little snooze in the top drawer of my new teaked topped desk. Smile. Oliver loves ice cream too.


  1. Aww...that is the sweetest. Your photos are always amazing.

  2. How sweet! I agree with Willow...you do take amazing photos.

  3. He is just ridiculously adorable! And it must be nice to have such cute company while you work.

  4. these photos of oliver are wonderful!

  5. Ok, so you share your ice cream with your cat? My wife did that with water and I never got used to it!

    "Black Forest Cheesecake"--my body screams out yes to that but my mind says no. Oh, but how I love that flavour. Both of the ones listed actually.


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