Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweet sugar beet (or sweet beetroot if I were a Kiwi) and moi

Crickets, a full moon and the silent sound of no wind at all.
A hot mug of delicious coffee.
A steaming hot thick facecloth with almond soap.
A list of to-dos and must-dos for today that I'm looking forward to.
An optimistic front that's settled in for a few days.
Sleeping well wrapped up in a duvet that smells of outdoors.
And Oliver sleeping tucked in beside me (always) my calico comfort.
Sweet sugar beet and I sitting together each evening on a big flat rock
looking out to sea and smiling ... at each other.


  1. Sugar Beet is much more suitable for Miss D than Beetroot, I must admit.

  2. I can just see you and sugar beet -what names we have our babies - often I call Roby - petit pepite - which is little seed in French. Mind you he is not little :) God I miss my red island when I read your blogs. Love Joni

  3. Happy you're feeling contented.

  4. Nice. Sounds perfectly lovely.

  5. This polaroid has such a haunting quality!

    "Sugar Beet" is just too cute. As you can see from today's post, "Lambchop" is one of those names we called our baby girl.

  6. What a beautiful scene filled with lotsa love!! :)

    Thank you for the Birthday wish.

    Much love!!

  7. The coffee and the washcloth sound wonderful. I am happy for your optimistic front...send some this way! I feel under an overwhelming pile of words, numbers and feathers this Monday.

    Winnie the Sugar Beet does remind me so much of my Apple! Something in the eyes.

  8. Oooo.."a steaming hot thick facecloth with almond soap". That sounds divine.

  9. I looked like a beet after my golf lesson today...and hour in the blistering sun and +32C ..... whew......


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