a new chance

Saturday, August 2, 2008

she's my girl - Miss Winnie Dixon

Big sleepy sigh .... 5:46 am and I'm afraid I've been awake for ages. It's a weekend of seeing if I can't get back up in that saddle after a few days of hanging on for dear life, or that's how it feels at times. Lists and schedules, charts and calenders my favourite tools in this ol' game, and it is a new month, and I do so love a new anything. A new day, a new week, or another new chance.

And oh, how I love her, that sweet girlfriend of mine ... Winnie.

9:52 - home from our two hour beach walk, a stop at the Farmers Market for garden fresh green and yellow beans and new baby carrots. It's now pouring rain. Phew ! Big happy sigh and I do love it when the weather suits my mood. Puttering 'til 2pm then a lie down in the nest with a good book. Wink.


  1. Wow! Amazing photograph! Love it!

  2. the bottom pic almost has a perky feel to it... must be something about the way the little waves look... sort of "up" .... can't quite put a finger on it... the clouds being in little nobblies...?

  3. Oh Susan, you must frame that photo of Winnie! So lovely!

    Enjoy the rainy day! Edward woofs your way!

  4. Good afternoon, Susan.
    The pictures you took are beautiful and breathtaking! I wish we had a beach that beautiful near here. :)

    I finally had a day out in the sun...just got back. And although I did get sick to my stomach real bad, the joy of being out for a few hours with my hubby made it all worth while.

    love u much!


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