my girl, she loves to twirl

Thursday, August 7, 2008

my constant companion - and what would I do without her ?

Miss Winnie Dixon.

Yesterday (the highlites)

One 90 minute walk at the beach with 3 women, 2 dogs and 1 puppy. Smiling until my face hurt at the antics, spins and twirls of my girl Winn and puppy Baby Duke. My girl, she sure loves to twirl.

Called 3 of 5 bogeymen on my list and spoke to them in person to arrange for their services. I don't know why but I hate calling these guys - I dread it, I always put it off and off and then when I finally speak to them I think " that wasn't so bad". Go figure.

1. Carl - general handyman guy, first on his agenda - to remove the vine from atop my roof and remove a few trees from my forest.
2. David - heating and hot water plumbing guy - to come and check my entire system boiler, radiators, base board heaters, a new tap for outside and to replace the rusty little radiator in my upstairs bathroom
3. Vinnie - chimney sweep, fire place insert/fire box fixer guy. I have an insert in my fireplace. It's like a wood stove tucked into your fireplace. Inside are steel straps which hold heat retaining bricks in place. The unit has a fan that blows the heat out into the living room and it does a really good job of heating most of my house in winter. The steel straps need to be replaced and the fire box of bricks on the inside rebuilt. I have all the new parts - now he has to put it together.

Phew ! Just describing some of the ongoing old house maintenance that continually needs to be looked after and kept on top of makes me feel tired.

Made an impromptu trip to town with an old friend I hadn't seen in ages. A stop at Frenchy's, Tim Hortons and the Superstore. All Maritime institutions. She drove and I talked about Jake as much as I wanted to. Sigh.

Dropped my wagon (97 Ford Escort - teal in colour) off at the garage to have a rattle underneath looked at.

Walked with Winnie Dixon in the evening along the harbour and down to the crescent beach and then back to the garage to pick up the wagon - good as new. Spoke with Charles and Shawn, two sweet mechanic guys (not at all bogeymen) about doing a little rust repair/body work myself. Shawn gave me a list of products to purchase and a wee tutorial. Smile. Paid the 25.00 charge for a bit of welding - you gotta love little village prices.

Made a few great connections via email with the Golden Retriever rescue network.

Slept perfectly.


  1. "Slept perfectly"... now that's a beautiful final remark on your posting today! ~Smile

  2. It is so good to be back visiting you. Just wish I could pack the Woofs in the car and run down to twirl with you all on the beach. Winnie steals my heart with every photo you post. Oh, yes and where would be without our handymen? I once thought of doing a blog in honour of my general handyman, Tony, the plumber and the eletrician. I quickly collected all these phone numbers after my husband died!

    So pleased you liked Paris. Do look at the pics I posted of Tuscany. Had a really good trip and did not feel lonely at all. But so pleased to be at home, sweet home. The dogs were ecstatic when I fetched them at the kennel. Have a lovely day! Love Eleanor

  3. A very busy and successful sounding day.... you were probably relieved that some of the stuff you were agonizing over was accomplished ... finally relaxed and had a great sleep.

  4. I think we crossed trails...hahahhah....

  5. Sounds like a good day all round. I need to schedule the chimney sweep myself!

    Winnie's face is so lovely. Great eyebrows, too. You are one lucky lady to be able to walk her on the beach whenever you please!

  6. I really enjoy days I feel I've gotten things accomplished, and I would be daunted by the maintenance required on your house. Glad to hear things are going well with the Retriever Rescue. Hope the rest of today is happy and productive.

  7. hey J, my middle name is Daunted.

    and Pamela, Winnie thinks Edward looks particularly fetching in his chair looking out the window ... and waiting for autumn to arrive.

  8. I'm so happy that you "slept perfecetly"....yeah!! Been thinking of you alot. Stop by when you can.
    Much love to you and Winnie. :)

  9. Oh my, but I do love Miss Winnie Dixon's face on my monitor. What a beautiful soul she has. I am new to your blog. Spent a couple of hours last weekend getting to know you and the paths you have taken since you began this blog. I have cried my eyes out, grieved Emma & Jake and have celebrated the joyous gift that IS Winnie! I am so sad for you and pray that you are comforted from beyond. He is just there, waiting for you. And you DO know, don't you, that when you put out to the universe those thoughts that you hope that a dog in need will find you, it is only a matter of its perfect rhythm, that universe wants to deliver to you the desires of your heart whenever possible.

    And I would gladly listen to you talk about Jake till you were nearer contentment. Thank you for sharing your life on this wonderful blog.

  10. I could do with a stop at Tim Horton's--looks nice!


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