striped pebbles

Sunday, August 31, 2008

stripey pebble collection No. 1

So these striped pebbles, lovingly collected along the shore of our ocean by me and les chiens over the years and some quite recently, are a shout out to Austen over at Stripey Pebble. Holla.

It's raining here this early morning. Grin. I'm terrible, as I stand in line at the grocery store, the people all around me bemoaning what a rotten, wet, grey summer it's been, I look at the floor, scuff my feet and smirk to myself. Certainly no gloating from this dark storm cloud. It's not raining so hard that it will curtail Miss Dixon and my walk at the beach with Baby Duke and Carol, Deb and Maggy Sue (scuba diving golden retriever). We'll just don our boots and waterproof gear and well have a lovely long walk in the rain.

Yesterday way too much time was taken up by me installing matchstick blinds in my guest room and studio. The two rooms that face our little harbour, south south west I think (I am slightly navigationally challenged) and get lots & lots of sunshine. Well ... ergggghhh. The first blind took an inordinate amount of time to install - mostly I think because the roller cord on one came undone and I had to figure out how to reinstall this moving pulley like apparatus, so the blind would actually roll up - extremely taxing on this petite techy brain. Thankfully I learned much from the first installation and 2, 3 & 4 were installed in a jiff and Miss D insisted on being nearby throughout with her constant moral support - which did help a lot. Still ... a job that took way more time than I had anticipated. And that's the story of my life.

In the afternoon instead of reading a new good book, curled up with a blanket and bon bons I mounted all my little miniature photo art prints in their 5x7 mats and Oh they look SO good. It nearly made me cry (but then it doesn't take much as you all know). They look beautiful, 3x3 inch, and 3x4 inch photos (20 different images in total and doubles of many) with lots of soft creamy white mat around each image. I'm hoping that the back card-weight paper arrives this week and I can complete the assembly. Just so many little pieces to these art print greeting cards but ... I'm beginning to feel for sure that my etsy shop wares are really gonna make mama proud. Smile.


  1. Hi Susan, thanks for the shout-out! So much loveliness all together in this post. You know I love those stripey pebbles, and your cards look just great. I'm looking forward to the opening of your etsy shop! Hope you have a good Sunday.

  2. Morning Susan, The striped pebbles are fascinating to me because I have picked up identical rocks on the coast of Oregon. The other side of the continent!

    I read yesterday's post today and just want to mention how cool the California collage is. Wouldn't that be a wonderful gift wrap pattern?

    Good for you that you figured out how to put up those blinds. I'm wondering if you had to drill. I have to order blinds for several areas so this is on my mind now. Me try to do it? Or put them on the big pile for the mythical handyman I'm going to hire when I get a big stack of projects. (At least there are some of those rare animals up here in the mountains.)

    You said you are anticipating several good reads. I wonder if one is The Life of Edward Sawtelle. I'm reading that now and it is really good. Because of the dogs, I know you are going to like it a lot, although that isn't the only reason to like it.

    Speaking of dogs, there is a competitive sport you may or may not have heard of called "dog dancing". It spotlights the wonderful bond and fun a person and her dog can have together. When you watch the good dogs and trainers, it's clear the dogs are having FUN! I am going to find a link and post it here in another comment because I can't leave this comment without loosing it apparently. One of the best known dog dancers is a golden retriever. I'll go find it now.

    Have a luxuriously lazy Sunday.

  3. Your print cards looks SO nice!!! Wow!! And these stiped rocks are marvelous. So unique. I can feel the smoothness just by looking at them. They make a wonderful grouping.

  4. ooooooh a sneak preview! Can't wait to see all the pics.....

    guess what we have today? Barely +4C and raining!! yikes! is it over? is that it? It's fall already? I don't mind rain and dim...but surely not almost frost already...... I want to whack a few more golf balls yet!

  5. Your cards are lovely, and these pebbles are a work of art themselves, aren't they.

    My morning? Apple consumed something vile in the back garden this morning, and proceeded to throw it up all over the house before breakfast. She is now hiding sickly under my chair. Edward, too wise to consume anything vile, is sticking close by and offering his kind solidarity to the abashed, ill imp. We all feel badly for Apple, and grateful for cleaning products that work.

    Happy Sunday to You!!

  6. Thanks all for the votes of continued confidence re my talents and etsy shop wares. Smile. Anya if I could hire a handyman to do most things I would - definitely including hanging blinds. Better still if you're buying many blinds maybe buy them from a blind store and have them custom install. Perfectly. Wink. Haven't read Edward Sawtelle yet but I've ordered it from the library. Books by my bedside currently.

    A Brief History of Anxiety: Yours and Mine - Patricia Pearson

    Twilight - Stephanie Meyer

    Comfort Food - Kate Jacobs

    Unstuck - Md Gordon

    I have danced with my dogs. Jake liked to dance when he was younger and slimmer and they have all loved when I sing to them. I like to take top 40 hits and change the words to be about them and I especially love to sing to them while we're driving in the car.

    And Pamela I do hope Apple is feeling better - my boy Jake did love the vile, the viler the better and if he had any issues regarding the vileness they usually were at the other end. Miss D sends her best regards to both Apple & Edward.

    Have a great holiday Monday all.


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