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Friday, August 15, 2008

retriever heaven - sweet Emma Jane Louise and my handsome red boy Jake

Hope is like a bird that senses dawn
and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark.
author unknown

A fitting quote as I sit here most mornings anticipating dawn myself. This morning the air has a cool autumn feel, it's the feeling of bittersweet. My cozy chenille house coat is snugged in around me like I'm wrapped up in a teddy bear. It's been raining and the breeze blowing in my open windows is pushing the curtains up and into the room. It's dead quiet, the birds aren't even up yet, only the sounds of leaves and wind and Miss Dixon's soft snoring.

Last night I sat at my computer and watched and listened to little video clips on my mac's imovie program. My camera, like most digital cameras, lets you shoot short videos and thankfully I shot quite a few. Choppy, bumpy, very rough tiny movies with sound, most less than a minute long, of me and my pack of three dogs. Em, Jake & Winnie. My loves. Watching them run and swim and sniff and roll in the grass and running up to me with big smiles on their faces and tails wagging madly. Hearing their breath and listening to my voice speaking to them ... constantly. I'd forgotten about these little movies and watching them made my heart burst.

My favourite photo .... a repeat.

my pack of 3 ... my loves


  1. I love the pictures you take of your lovely furry family. :) Some day, maybe I can afford to take a vacation and come see you and your furry friends. ha!

    I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day. I think of you often and hope you're doing well, too.

    Much love,

  2. Tongues lolling,pant with glee
    Twinkling eyes,the canine three
    Getting up to wicked ways
    Creating scenes of doggie-days
    Through windy grasses
    Lapping seas,
    Softest memories are made of these.

    Wishing you a good weekend Susan. Thinking of you in the warm, as we Aussies freeze down here!

  3. Good morning Alex, wishing you, as well, a wonderful and beautiful day with nothing but a trail of "good things" ahead of you.

    and Pam, Thank you so much. What a lovely and perfect poem of my pack of three, of my loves. I will cherish these words.

  4. Your quote early on in your post is actually one I have in my office.
    It is one of my favorites. The author is Rabindranath Tagore and the quote I have here from him is: Faith is the sound the songbird makes before the dawn. It is one of the most profound quotes I have ever heard and because of that, I have had it on the office wall for quite some time now. When I'm feeling overwhelmed it's right here in front of me. It reminds me that the little bird doesn't try to be a bird...she just does. The grass doesn't try to just grows. And we sometimes need to stop trying so hard...and just BE. If you struggle against the current you’ll lose energy and drown. Swim with it. Let it move you along and eventually you’ll come to shore.
    The coincidental thing is, I thought about sending it to you as a comment on your August 12 post. Don't know why I didn't, but now after seeing that you've found it on your own, maybe it was destiny's way of letting you discover it for yourself for some reason. Don't know.

    many hugs,

    Read the info in this link: the context of LIFE.

  5. I love that quote too. I'll save it in my journal for those days when my optimism has flown the coop.

    The dripping pups photo is one of my favorites too. My pups all three loved to play in the water whether it was a creek, a lake or the ocean edge. When we would go on long four wheeler rides around our ranch, my little Jake would end the day by plunging into the creek and extending all four legs out at an alarming angle that allowed her to lay flat as a pancake with just her head sticking out of the water. She loved to cool her belly.

    I feel fall in the air here, too. It comes early in the high Rocky Mountains. I hear it in the wind; and the hummingbirds are more numerous and hyper than ever, a sign they are tanking up for their long flight to the south. But I love fall. September is my favorite month of the year.

  6. That is indeed such a great photograph of your three. Happy, happy.

    We took movies of our two this past January in their first snowfall. I wouldn't take money for them. The movies I mean. The dogs are not an option.

  7. Pamela, there is one short movie of Jake - not a minute in length, of him up on the bed with me and I'm just speaking to him and his expressions and reactions to me and my voice...

    well it took my breath away to watch it ... God how I love that dog.

    Winnie sends her love to Edward & Apple

  8. Hi Susan...hope your day is going well. xo

  9. It's lovely to discover precious things you'd forgotten about or didn't know you had. Wishing you a cool and wonderful day.

  10. You should post a video for us to see!

    I love that last photo, too!

    Happy weekend, bloggy friend! :)

  11. yes, this is a very special photo of your loves. isn't it just wonderful how they look into the camera as if they understand that you are capturing a stolen moment in time?

    fall is my favorite season and i cherish each cool morning and warm, golden afternoon. and, bittersweet is the perfect word to describe the feelings fall envokes.

  12. It would be moving to see a movie of yours here one day. I'd love to get a digital camera and a digital camcorder to for this very thing.


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