Jake & me

Friday, August 29, 2008

kind of says it all, this photo does - the look on both our faces, but especially his

And ever has it been known
that love knows not its own depth
until the hour of separation

Khalil Gibran

A repeat Polaroid photo on this blog and another of my most cherished images. This one I keep tucked away between sympathy cards and notes from friends in a lovely hand painted metal box that holds this dog's ashes. Ashes and locks of beautiful red and golden fur, collars and tags, a few of my favourite photos of us, some beach glass and a few tiny periwinkle shells along with all of my love.

Grief, or my grief, is about missing him but mostly it's still about trying to live this new life without him in it. Without his, bigger & sweeter than life, self. And it's sadness all tangled up with joy remembering the moments, all of the endless and wonderful daily moments from our long life together. He was some kinda dog that Jake. Love ya Noodle.


  1. What a big old sweetie, you were so lucky to share in his life. That's a beautiful pic - and captures everything doesn't it.
    a big hug and much love J.

  2. I may have said it here before, but I still believe...there's nothing as moving and sweet as the white furry face of an old dog. Dignity, love, and wisdom.

    Lovely photograph, Susan.

  3. I can always count on finding compassionate and understanding words left here from Edward's mother. Merci my friend.

  4. So lovely, and such a wonderful quote too. Hope you have a good weekend.

  5. Memories of all the good times you had together will help you through the grief. Beautiful photo of dog and mom.

  6. I so agree with Pamela about the white furred old face of a beloved pup. My old Mutz was silvered with age too. The quote is one I haven't heard, but as you can imagine, it gave me a still moment.

    That is a beautiful picture of you two. You will always treasure your photos of Jake. Now they console you in your grief. Much later, possibly even years from now, when the grief wanes those photos will warmly rekindle your memories.


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