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Saturday, August 23, 2008

more bed side sweet peas

Yesterday was a hot and sultry perfect summer day in this little seaside village. 28C and barely a whiff of wind. I finally finished up my 18 drawing - frame collection, which turned out beautifully - better even than I had expected. I sent a lovely big fat invoice out into the ether, tidied up my desk and put on my bathing suit and my fav beach cover up dress, I rolled up a towel and put it and a bottle of water in my straw bag and off we went, Miss D and I, ... to the beach.

The little beach that's in the village, a short walk away from 29 Black Street, and at the end of our walk in the park. The same beach that we walk to every early evening. I waded around in knee deep water while Winnie Dixon trailed along behind me, following my every step. The water here in summer is lovely and warm although still very refreshing on a hot, sweltering summer day and the air at the water's edge is always just a little bit cooler. Finally getting myself completely totally submerged, including wet hair and face, I floated around in the shallow water with the hot sun beating down on us, the only sounds we could hear were the sounds of seagulls and children playing underwater swimming games nearby. I didn't want to wade out so deep that Winn would have to swim as she becomes a little frantic and worried when I wade out into deeper water, so we stayed close to shore.

It was just heavenly and just what the Dr. ordered. Sun, heat, salt water - and all with the company of my best girl friend.

my girl Miss D. - she loves to bask in the sun

She and I sat on the beach, both basking in the sun, and time just floated away from us. Another dip, lots more basking. Lots of love and pats and scratches for Miss Winn, around her head and neck. And then we walked home, back through the park. I was surprised when I glanced at the clock in the kitchen when we walked in the door, we'd been gone 2 hours. Miss D and I, just a hangin' at the beach, sitting on our big rock a baskin', wading and floating around in the warm water ... just me and my girl. Perfection (well nearly).

I washed out my bathing suit and hung it on the line. Poured a big glass of ginger ale with ice and I ate perfect plain potato chips for my dinner while watching the Olympics. A perfect end to a very productive week.

I have another 2 day project which I'm beginning today. I also have many chores that must be done also. So today and tomorrow I'll try to fit half a day at the teak topped desk and half a day taking care of some of my to-do's and must do's. I'll be out in the garden awhile and whirling that vacuum cleaner around, I'll wash bedding and hang it out on the line, and I'll prepare big vats of curry lentil soup and vegetarian chili, food to freeze and have on hand so that when I'm busy with work I won't have to think about cooking (and I'll be less likely to have potato chips for my dinner. Wink.)

Such is the life of a freelance designer. You work whenever there is work, and lately, thankfully, there's been a ton of work. Although I have to say, once again, what I do, never ever feels like work.

Thank you universe.


  1. Mm, a day at the beach. It was hot here yesterday, too, and a little bit of seashore would have gone a long way! It sounds like you had a great day. :)

  2. What a lovely day for you and Win. Katy and I took a trek into our natural world yesterday also, hiking up the road behind our house into the national forest. Beautiful last days of summer.

  3. Oh, thanks for taking me with you, Susan. I could well imagine the salty sea air. I'm so looking forward to being at the beach with Edward and Apple in the fall.

    I have a similar day planned. My husband is out of town this weekend,so it's just the kids and me. But, I ususally have popcorn for dinner!

  4. What a perfect day! I grew up next to the sea and our first Lab just loved the water. Now we are inland and Gal has to make do with swims with me in the pool. Trist doesn't like the water. We taught him to swim as a pup in the winter and he has never forgot the chill. Do tell Winnie I am doing a special posting on the boys (Galahad is on at the mo and Trist to follow) and that all canine gals are invited to look-see two very handsome and true-hearted fellows! Warm wishes Eleanor

  5. Sun and water have such healing properties, don't they? Kudos on sending out the nice fat invoice! Fun to read your cheery post today! :D

    And that chili sounds dee-lish!!!


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