Sunday, August 24, 2008

farmer's market goodness

Hope is the feeling
that the feeling you have
is not permanent

Jean Kerr

I still can't find that darn hope of mine. Maybe I'm looking too hard. Maybe if I stop looking it will magically turn up again ... like those lost car keys or my misplaced eye glasses.

Crickets and coffee and the sound of a small fishing boat leaving the harbour, it's another early morning. It's too early really, up at 4am this morning. A raccoon skirmish somewhere nearby had Miss Dixon in a terrier mix state. That's one of her jobs - to be alert and report all foreign and potentially dangerous scents and sounds.

She and I went to the beach again yesterday in the late afternoon. It's good therapy this lying on a towel inches from the gently lapping waves, the sun beating down, warm and comforting and with my sweet Miss D by my side.


  1. Rising in the wee small hours can have its advantages. A gentle sunrise, the constant noise of the crickets, cardinals chirping at the hint of first light... and visiting fellow bloggers that share the ritual.
    It being my first visit here, it took a little time to read and indulge in your passion for your critters, lure of the sea and lust for life.
    I very much enjoyed the time spent and shall return again.
    Our locations may differ but our love of Nature is a thread that brings us together.

  2. Beautiful soft light in the photos Susan. I love the sound of crickets, don't you?.We are still bunkered down for winter in this part of the world.It's been too cold and windy for me to go anywhere near a beach, but the seasonal sounds you describe recently of passing boats and soft lapping waves are so relaxing and warm.All the best for the coming week.

  3. I really like that quote. That hope of yours is just taking a sabbatical, Susan. You could always join it and take your own sabbatical from worrying about having no hope. You know, that old "live in the moment thing". I know from experience, as you do, you have to actually work at that live in the moment thing. I'm actively trying to stay there this week and it isn't easy. But sun soaking and farmer's market shopping and dog loving with no other thoughts going on are a good start.

    Your photos are wonderful today. I have to get back into cooking. I used to be a wonderful cook, but after several years of neglect I am quite rusty. But if anything inspires, it's the bounty from a farmer's market.

  4. I see signs of hope in all your photos.

  5. What a perfect still life of riches on your counter!

    It is very, very cloudy here today...and a bit tropical with the wind coming in from the south. Showers are predicted, but no one told Mother Nature so it hasn't rained as yet. Alltogether fairly miserable dog weather so my two friends are in full hibernation mode.

    I rather envy you your early mornings. I've become rather nocturnal at the moment.

  6. Your darn hope is out there. Hang tight.

    You didn't notice that I just ate that piece of pie from your counter, did you?

  7. I too see the hope in these photos...My hope is that your days are filled with simple beauty like trips to the farmer's market, that these simple joys multiply, and that your heart heals. Have you read the book "The Good, Good Pig"? I read it this weekend and thought of you, so popped by to leave you a note of recommendation. It's a sweet memoir that (judging from your blog and writing style) I think you would like.


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