Thursday, August 28, 2008

circles - painted sketch

A two hour lunch out with a girlfriend who I don't have to keep my sadness a secret from • A phone chat with MLou, like taking an Ativan, talking with her always makes me feel so much better • A long afternoon walk in sunshine and warm breezes at low tide with my best girl - Winnie Dixon • Painting something, Anya suggested yesterday that I paint my boy, my Jake dog in every incarnation of his Jakeness that I could muster. The thing is, I don't really do very well at realistic or representational paintings or drawings and if I tried to capture his oh so handsome self, I'm sure I'd only feel frustrated and disappointed with the outcome. It's why I find photography so satisfying - it seems so much easier to take a beautiful image. But I do love pattern and colour - hence the circles (just a sketch). All the drawing I do all day long on these product design projects of mine is either very ornamental or very stylized versions of real things. Please refer to Jake & Em or Red Dog Yellow Dog (an art print 5x7 card soon to be available in my Etsy shop) • The Democratic convention. Wow ! who knew we Canadians could be so riveted to American politics. Especially when I can also tune into to John Stewart & Stephen Colbert • Sweet Oliver softest calico cat ever, who has a very similar personality to Jake. Very affectionate, loves to play and be silly. He just seems to enjoy hangin' with me and seems to magically knows the exact right time to show up as if to say Hey whatcha doin'Starting a gratitude journal. Writing down at the end of each day a minimum of 5 things that I'm grateful for • Chocking up some of the extremeness of all of this to hormones. Phew ... now that's a relief !

10:45 - an eagle flew over us at the beach this morning, really close above us, maybe 30 ft away. Good things are coming.


  1. Hmm, my emails aren't going through to you! :(

    Regarding your comment:

    It is open! It is open! International residents can now apply! :)

    I think you missed the few comments from Shane saying the 'US RESIDENTS ONLY' is a glitch, but NOT a limitation on the project. Sorry for the initial glitch, but yes— we want to welcome EVERYONE to the project.

    I hope you'll sign up now! I'd love to create alongside of you. :)

  2. Love these paintings! And I am glad you're feeling a bit better. Never discount the influence of those pesky hormones.

    And, don't you love the way the witty Stephen Colbert's right ear sticks out? Such a whimsical touch to his person.

    Best day to you from Edward, Apple and me!

  3. Hormones????Sure. I never thought of that. That's a little reassuring don't you think?

    When I said "paint Jake" I meant to paint in the way you paint, or draw, or make him an abstract jake with a big stick sticking out his ear if that's your style! You can capture his essence with a few lines and shapes! Look at Red Dog/Yellow Dog which I am buying the minute you get your store up. Personally, I prefer stylized painting and drawing to realistic. I'm taking some classes this fall that are for "stylized" faces. And I've noticed that when I buy art none of it is realistic. Who needs realism we deal with enough of that every single day!

    Speaking of dog art, in this months Cloth, Paper, Scissors there is a feature on some really fun and wonderful dog collages.

    Have a good day. Hug a cat for me!

  4. I'm so glad you're doing a gratitude journal, Susan! They're life-changing... really.

    Hope you're well... I know you're missing Jake. :(

    Hang in there... it gets easier.

  5. I don't know if these are really distractions, more like living your life and progressing from day to day. I guess to me, distractions are more deliberate and sometimes destructive. I seek out distractions when I should be working or being productive, and it doesn't sound like you have that problem.

  6. Eagles and Owls.
    Excellent omens, I think.


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