stormy weather

Monday, September 1, 2008

leaves painted sketch

Oh my, the teak topped desk is piled high and very messy this early morning. I barely have a spot to rest my elbows as I type. The wind is howling (and I mean howling - tropical storm strength howling) and whipping the trees around and the rain outside my windows is driving hard and tapping to get in. My sun porch roof is leaking badly in two places and I'm trying not to be totally freaked out by yet another house thing that needs my attention or better still the attention of someone who knows how to fix it . Honestly life just seems too much for me at times, too much for the place that I'm in right now. My hatches are battened for now. I need to take some deep breaths, go downstairs and get cup o' java No 2 and pour myself a nice hot bath with bubbles and scent. And try to not worry or feel anxious.
Uh huh. Sure, no problem.

Yesterday afternoon it all started with a wild wind and heavy rain thunder storm that lasted forever. I was puttering away at my desk and I could see the black boiling clouds moving in across the water. Their colour and intensity making me think of tornado's - both thrilling and frightening looking at the same time. One of those storms where the air goes from calm-as-can-be to wild and churning in a blink. Just to make it clear weather gods I did say I like a dark and cloudy day, I'm an overcast kinda girl no question, and I don't mind a little rain at all ... but this wild windy weather is not at all what I meant. This kind of weather is scary. And of course, this all makes me feel even more compassion for some of the 2 million people and their much loved pets who have evacuated areas of Louisiana to get out of Gustav's way.

Today's a holiday so I can't call anyone ... but tomorrow, top of my ever growing list, is seeing if I can't track down and nail down - a bogeyman or two.


  1. I do so love a storm like yours. Not too scary, of course, but the sound of howling wind is like music to me. A hot bath, and maybe some soup sound like a good idea, and all that work piled on your desk...a wonderful day to work! I adore the painting you posted...lovely color.

    Hellos to Miss Winnie from Edward and Apple, who is feeling oh so much better now!

  2. I woke up worrying about the people down in Mississippi and Louisiana too. That's got to be horrifying for them. Yesterday I read about the well designed and executed plan this time for evacuating the pets. I was appalled and heart broken at the desertion forced upon pet owners during Katrina. A lot of people stayed only because they would not leave their beloved dogs and cats.

    I'm sitting by my window looking at blue skies, thinking of you at this very minute up in Nova Scotia working (or soaking) in the howling wind and rain. The internet is so amazing.

    I still will provide the link to the video of Rookie and Carolyn Scott dancing.I didn't do it yesterday because while poking around the net looking at different routines they have done I ran across a "tribute to Rookie" video. My heart lurched and I held my breath as anxiety rushed through my body but I read on. I read that Rookie died this year. I burst into tears and was sad and weepy most of the morning. I've been watching this team and loving them for a year or so. But he was 15 years old and what a wonderful life he had and such a bond with his person. Since you have not gotten emotionally involved with this pair, I am thinking you will love watching the video.(Not the tribute, the dance routine they are so famous for). Such a celebration of his life and their life together. And what a fine Golden. But if you think you don't want to watch it, just delete the link which I will send in another comment below.

    After I do that, I'm going to check out your book list on amazon and see what you're reading about right now.

    Stay dry!

  3. Here's that link. The whole thing made copied to the space alloted below, but the https part.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, the leaves are gorgeous. (another great gift wrap)

  4. Well, just ignore the extra word in that sentence. I didn't proof it.

  5. Oh my Anya - those tears, they began to spurt out of me just watching those first few seconds of Rookie with his Mama, but thank you so much for the info and the link. They are just big ol' tears of love, they live just under the surface and they spurt out at the drop of a hat. How amazing is freestyle dog and person dancing.

    The stormy weather has died down considerably and I'm having a lazy and totally unproductive day today which is not good because for some twisted reason I am unable to just "enjoy" a day of nothing.

    And Happy New Year to you Pamela !

  6. Lovely sketch! Nothing like a delicious storm. Batton down and enjoy!

  7. I'm so very glad you loved the video of Rookie and Carolyn. If you want to see more of his life story google "tribute to Rookie". Carolyn's is a pretty amazing story too. She is a polio survivor and has been burdened with pain her entire life. I have seriously thought that I will learn how to teach my new pup (which I'll get when I move) to dance with me. I'd like to feel that rapport.


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