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Thursday, September 18, 2008

corinthians 13:7-8 - love - painted sketch

I was rushing again yesterday. Rushing to do revised thumbnails for customer No Uno, rushing along sandbars in the afternoon sun while chatting about supper plans and laughing at the continued (daily) sweet antics of Miss D and Baby Duke and then rushing in the evening to whip up a sketch, a promised painting to show you my new illustration style. A miniature poster print with one of the many, many quotes that I love or find inspiring. I couldn't remember the last line of this quote and I do recall thinking to myself while rushing along at the teak topped desk Look it up Susan, check online to see what that last line is. But no, I didn't listen to that voice and instead continued on with my speediness and my rushing. The last line of this quote should be

Love never ends

Love never ends is completely different than love lasts. Similar but not at all the same. The last line is what drew me to this quote in the first place it's why I love it so much, that last line. This quote embodies all the feelings that I have for that big red lug of mine, that love of my life - my sweet red Noodle dog Jake and here I screwed up the last line. Sigh. Oh well, I must consider this a sketch. And I'm thinking now I may add cut paper, a bit of collage to the paint and my scribbly loose black pen drawing in the finished piece. And I'll get the words right next time.

The main thing is ... I loved making this, planning it quickly, drawing the letters and shapes in pencil first, then when I'm pleased with the composition and the details I go over everything with black pen. Then I tape this drawing to my small light table, and tape a piece of watercolour paper on top of that. Then I paint ... paint, paint, paint all the while listening to CBC radio (you can listen as well here). When all the painting is done. I remove the paper from the light table and get out my collection of thicker line black drawing pens and draw, draw, draw. Loose and free, the looser the better actually. Most definitely way more flow.

I'm happy with how this looks. It's not perfect but then I'm learning that nothing ever is. I can see loads of potential in this new style. It will only get better ... sounds like a new mantra to me.


  1. Hi Susan,
    I made a reference to your blog on mine this morning. I hope you don't mind.

  2. Good morning, Susan. I love your sketch. In reading through your last couple of blogs, it sounds like you've been a busy lady. :) Your artwork is always lovely, and the Corinthians scripture is a good one. I hope you have a wonderful day!! **hugs**

  3. I love it Susan. It's cheerful, loose, inspirational, colorful. Everything I like in a greeting card. When I read it I knew that quote was about Jake. Your new style is such fun. I also appreciated hearing a little of the process of how you work. One (probably dumb) question arose when you mentioned laying the watercolor over the drawing on the light table. I was surprised you could see the drawing through the water color paper and wondered what weight of paper you used. I've never used a light table, so I just may not be aware of how strong they are. Anyway,
    I love the mantra too...Fits my life like a glove.

  4. I love it!! And love the "love" passage! :)

  5. p.s. to my comment:
    Thank you for the link to the CBC. I've been curious about it, hearing how much you enjoy it.

  6. Hey thanks so much you guys ... I was so excited about this illustration that I rushed back to the teak topped desk this morning, apr├ęs our lovely long dog walk, and did another - this time combining cut paper collage with paint and drawing and I LOVE it. Stay tuned Sat. for the next illustration post.

    And Anya I'm using 140lb weight watercolour paper, as long as my drawing is drawn with black pen (and not pencil) I can see clearly though the watercolour paper. Here's a link to light boxes. Invaluable tool that and tracing paper.

    Thanks again y'all !

  7. Very creative and very lovely. I'm really fond of the red colours as well as the sentiment.

  8. I love it Susan and enjoyed hearing about the process.It's a beautiful quote and I understand why its a favourite.A very good morning to you from South Australia. Spring is here at last, and I can't tell you how happy I am about that.It's the chortling birds I have missed the most.


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