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Saturday, September 27, 2008

assembled photography art print cards & envelopes

Tick, tock ... another step in the multitude of steps getting those darn etsy shop wares ready for my grand opening. Yesterday I attached the matted photo prints to the backing cards - a 5x7 card that opens with a lovely big blank space to write in. A super heavy (130lb weight), creamy white, super smooth paper stock. Absolutely beautiful paper. A double sided, special matting tape job and a job that I had anticipated was going to be much more difficult and time consuming than it actually was. Things are never as bad as you can imagine they'll be - or something like that. Another hit song from the soundtrack of my life. Oh how I do love to imagine those ragged mountain ranges from my ever tiny mole hills. Most definitely a mini poster idea for my shop of inspirational art prints. Maybe it's just things are never as bad.

These cards look fantastic !!! - the quality superb, they are perfect (dare I say) and I am SO pleased. I still need to photograph all of the prints in their various poses for my shop. Shown as a greeting card with mailing envelope and also each one shown framed so you all can see what sweet little art prints these photos are. They really are the perfect gift for yourself, best friends and/or family.

We, les dog walking mama's, are going to town today, all three of us. After our big, long morning romp on the beach avec les chiens. Deb's driving, we'll shop at the farm store and the feed store and my favourite the Superstore. Dog food and cat food and bags of kitty litter- we all have broods of cats and dogs. And we'll have lunch out somewhere nice. How exciting and how lovely.

More stormy weather a comin' in the form of Kyle, whose stormin' up the Atlantic Coast as we speak, his expected arrival sometime later Sunday. There are hatches to be battened.


  1. Oooooo! They look luverly. I'll need to collect the whole set! Can't wait for the shop opening.


  2. Your cards are simply beautiful!! Your hard work is going to pay off. I'm so looking forward to checking out and buying things from your Etsy shop! :)

    I hope you have a good weekend!

    Much love! xo

  3. The cards look wonderful. Just beautiful. I am eagerly awaiting that shop opening!

    Have a great day. Sounds like it'll be a fun one.

  4. Your cards look sooooo good. Can't wait for you to hang out your "OPEN FOR BUSINESS" sign! I am ready to shop! You all take care in the weather descending upon you! Have a nice weekend.


  5. I am so impressed! These look so beautiful, Susan! Congratulations on a job well done!

    Sounds like a lovely day for you today, too! And the prospect of a big, though not dangerous, storm a'brewin for the nighttime. You know, Edward, Apple and I would love snuggling in for that one!

    Happy day!

  6. don't forget to buy in a few extras ...just in case.... power outages etc....

    Wow..... love the look of the art cards.... now I see exactly what you were talking about.... all of them are matted... beautiful...

    Oh, man....I wish there was a "real" store with a "real" grand opening...and 'real' cake and goodies...and I could get a really good deal on airfare!! hahhaha ...

  7. Susan, AGAIN such incredible, moody photography of your every day indoor scenes. I LOVE IT!! these cards looks gorgeous. I'd love to buy some when you open. You are so talented thanks for sharing that talent with us here. Bless you today.

  8. Yes, Susan, they are ooo-la-la lovely! Very impressive, indeed!!

    Hope you had a happy shop and lunch Saturday! :^)

  9. They look great! Hope you had a good day...and stay dry tomorrow. :)

  10. Lookin' good girl!!!!

  11. Oh, these look lovely! I think I spy a ferris wheel photo I'd like to get my paws on. :-) Best of luck, and I look forward to shopping with you.

  12. they look wonderfully artsy and chic!!

  13. Oh but they look so beautiful. I think this is a marvelous venture and am so excited for you. I have been planning on doing this for sometime and hope to in the coming year. I look forward to seeing your etsy shop and send you warm wishes on much success!



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