sweet dreams

Friday, September 26, 2008

perfect pink cosmos

When I first stirred this morning, those first few moments waking to the smell of freshly brewed coffee (a coffee maker with a timer is my alarm clock - waking by aroma so much nicer then shrieking buzzers or loud radio voices) and realizing that another new day was beginning, as I opened my eyes to the darkness, I felt especially warm and safe, I felt snug.

As I lie tucked in the nest of cotton & flannel smelling the coffee and feeling the weight of Oliver lying at my feet, I felt happy, that warm feeling of perfect comfort and coziness and I realized that just before opening my eyes I had been dreaming ... I had been dreaming of Jake. A happy, perfect, carefree dream. He and I were roaming the countryside together, he had the starring role and he was my leading man. His character dashing and handsome, silly and fun loving, kind and always gentle - his usual sweetest ol' Noodle self.

Oh what a perfect sweet dream. Sigh. I miss ya so Noodle.

Track No. 4 here (no Youtube video available) reminds me of driving in the car last September with both Noodle & Miss D. Another great Canadian indie band from Prince Edward Island - Two Hours Traffic who are nominated for the Polaris prize which will be awarded this coming Monday.


  1. Cosmos! I didn't plant any this year.... and no volunteer plants appeared from the plant I had last year.... darn it.

    I've decided when I make the bread next time...I make two smaller loaves to make it easier to slice and easier to toast. The size I made is too wide for my knife really....(I think peasants just pulled in apart)....and I am cutting in half for toasting..hahahhah bet those guys didn't even have to worry about toasters ....but I am loving every morsel....thanks again for the suggestion of Peasant Bread.

  2. Happy weekend! My sister uses her coffee maker for an alarm clock, too. It's a terrific idea. I'm still anxiously waiting for the Arbus book.

  3. My husband dreamed last night that I was dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice??? In the dream he thought it was just the most perfect outfit ever. Sigh.

    Cozy? I love it when Edward stretches out across my feet on the bed. I've been known to lie in the same postition much longer than wanted, rather than disturb him!

  4. I have had many animals share my life at different times, and that is what I miss the most. I still think there is nothing quite like a cat's purr and warm little body.

  5. Wonderful post. It speaks to what I wrote yesterday about 'your' blog and have scheduled to publish later this upcoming weekend--so keep an eye on it!

  6. BTW, the band was great. Loved the music.


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