fleece headbands

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

dog joy - baby duke, miss d & maggie sue

red leaves
crunching under foot
glorious sunsets over our little harbour just past 7pm
seeing your breath in the early morning air
pumpkins and squash
boxes of miniatures chocolate bars
fleece headbands
a fire in the fireplace
soft dusty pink dried hydrangeas
flannel & down
still green lawns covered with a new carpet of yellow, orange & red
feeling cozy
the smell of a sunporch filled with fire wood
MLou, who makes me laugh and giggle when I'm quite sure I'd rather be sad

... some things I love about autumn

A fantastic song and video by Prince Edward Island singer/songwriter Tanya Davis


  1. The description of the perfect fall. How wonderful that you included miniature chocolate bars! I would never have thought of that, but you are so right. I also love the fluffed out fur of big, cold-weather loving dogs!

    I wish you a happy, happy fall day!

  2. What a cool video. I really liked that, and I found it inspiring. Thank you for the wish for a great Tuesday...if you have a chance, please stop and read my short blog I just posted... ;)

    Much love to you and the furry gang!

  3. Hi Susan...just read your note. First, thank you for stopping by. That means alot. As far as prints, I actually was thinking about it. Just never done it and have no idea where to start. I'll check with the local printers like you suggested and see what I can find out. :) I'm sorry about your day yesterday...I send you my magical gold dust...sprinkle it all around...here comes your PERECT Tuesday! :) xo

  4. Wonderful description of fall! It is almost fleece headband weather. I officially started my fall walking last night and it felt marvelous. Ahh. Fall.

  5. What a grand photo of the pups. What a ball they're having.

    Loved that little video...I'd like the ability to draw and paint that loosely. Enjoyed your description of fall too. The aspen are turning colors here and the scrub oaks on the mountain behind my house are every shade of yellow, gold and orange. Everyone loves autumn.

  6. Autumn in Nova Scotia sounds most appealing! And the video is a treat. Have a good week!

  7. I love the photo of the dogs... they are expressing such irrepressible glee!!

  8. lost track of the number of 1/2 cups of flour I was adding to my Tuscan loaf .... cuz on one addition I began stirring at too high a speed and whirred flour all over the place! ... I looked like the Pillsbury dough boy... began to tidy a bit and then...lost count! so...I have no idea what it will turn out like as I was sort of counting on the recipe for the feel of it even though nobody said what it was supposed to be like. It seemed a bit sticky... but once I took it out of the mixer bowl...and played with it a bit more...and added some more flour..it at least wasn't too sticky. It is rising on the "floured surface" ...soon....soooooon....we will smell fresh bread..even if it isn't perfect. But then... it is peasant bread isn't it? ..so it ain't supposeta be perfect! hahahha..... wonder why that guy gave up blogging? I left him a note anyway....

  9. Much love to you and the gang Susan.Wishing you all the happiest of days today as you all head into your fall season. Things are looking up here, and our Spring is just delightful. I visited my mother-in-law yesterday and she was full of news of a friend who had visited Prince Edward Island for the Anne of Green Gables centenary. I explained away my very strong green shade, as a reflection off her curtains.Oh how I wished it were me.The video you featured on this post was delightful.

  10. your description of waking up to the coffee, and covers and dogs is so real. I can feel it almost. It feels like Autumn. The video wis fantastic. It will be featured on my blog very soon.

  11. YOu have such a gift for words, photography, for art and the art of living well.
    You are an inspiration.


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