Tuesday, September 16, 2008

standing in the wild rose & bayberry pasture looking away from the ocean

Well I emailed 8 card designs off to Great Arrow through the mist and magic of the internet at 8pm last night. The witching hour for this designer gal, who's most often up and drinking coffee before 5am. I shrivel past 8pm. I am moderately satisfied (now) with my efforts. MLou, also one of the cursed perfectionist creative types and I were discussing this the other day. How the good things that we do and accomplish in life, and especially the creative things we do, the things that for a fleeting moment we do think or whisper to ourselves Wow ! I'm really happy with this or Wow I'm proud of myself - you go girlfriend ... those moments are like big bouncy soapy bubbles blown from one of the plastic sticks with a ring on the end. Those bubbles whipping out in a flurry of existence to float and bounce weightlessly in the air in front of you just long enough for you to marvel at their beauty, the iridescent shine of their soapy thin walls and the jelly like wriggling of their shape and form. And in a blink Poof ! - their gone again and you know that they were really there but you can't conjure up that feeling again.

Such is the life of the malcontent designer gal. Wink. So goes the pile of creative accomplishments, my pile and I know that I do have a pile, a pile that is piled somewhere ... but I can never seem to find that pile when I need and want it the most. I am pleased with my efforts ... pleased that I met the deadline and accomplished another very long term goal. Pleased that I've fine tuned an illustration style or technique that I'm pretty happy with. The next submission deadline is Oct. 13th - categories Christmas, New Years, & Halloween. I plan to submit again ... as many card designs as possible and I do feel that now I am ahead of the game.

Today I switch back to more thumbnails (of a Tuscan theme) for Customer No Uno another deadline - end of day Wednesday for thumbnails submitted. Which means I will try and draw as many great miniature photo frame ideas as this little brain can churn out in two days because the more ideas I come up with the more ideas that they may choose. And choices = $$ and then ... sometime this week I must spring La Beast Rouge from her neat & tidy shed and take her for a spin before parts of my lawn become mower clogging long ... and maybe a trip to town on Friday for a big provisions shopping trip.

Second cup of coffee, a big full shining moon and more bubbles with mint & rosemary. Sigh.


  1. Wow, Susan, you're on a roll. I love how that feels...when the creative ideas literally pour from your mind. It is fascinating to me how you can churn out dozens and dozens of ORIGINAL thumbnails under a given theme when asked. Very cool.

  2. Susan, this is a totally random question, well, maybe not random because you did mention your lawnmower. I've been meaning to ask you about your "snow on the mountain" ground cover plants you have growing around 29 Black Street. Half way through the summer mine look so bad. The leaves turn brown and the plants droop. Do you cut yours down half way through the summer? Or do they still look green and perky?

  3. Susan, it sounds like you are still in "flow". I wish someone knew how to bottle that feeling... I would buy a year's supply.

  4. Ride the wave while you can, because soon enough, you end up on the beach again. Of course, there's always another wave, so you have something to look forward to. :)

  5. Bubbles, coffee, good work, and $$$! Such good combinations! Enjoy yourself and pat Winnie for us!

  6. Can only peek in now and then when a computer becomes available, computer problems, so have missed a few of your posts. I am so sorry to hear about LuLu, and know how difficult that day must have been for you.You are one strong, creative lady, and I love your blowing bubbles analogy.


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