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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

orange gerberas - more polaroid loveliness

Those darn kittens (they turned two at the end of this summer), Oliver & Gussie Gus are peeling around downstairs, crashin' and a bangin' and chasin' and having a grand ol' kitten time. Win's sleeping with one eye open and on me, waiting for signs that's it time to get ready for our walk and her date with Baby Duke & Maggie Sue and I'm just doin' my regular thing. Typing by the glow of my lovely 24" imac moniter (don't mean to gloat), enjoying my second cup of coffee and the quiet and darkness of another early morning. It's raining, softly and it feels very warm outside my big studio windows. No wind.

I've been practicing Shallow Thinking - not really shallow in the superficial way, more Shallow in the opposed-to-Deep way. And it seems to be working. Maybe you've noticed. I find lately, a thought will knock on the door of my ever busy little head, a thought like - So Susan ... if you sell this house where will you live ? Instantly alarms go off, locks on that door click into place, the dead bolt slides over with a thunk and I think to myself. Don't know and I can't think about that right now. That's way too big a thought ... way, way too Deep ... I need to stay close to shore, where my feet can easily touch the bottom and I need to take one tiny step at a time. For a girl who loves to think, to analyze, to ruminate and the deeper the better usually, I have found this exercise quite challenging, and believe me those alarms are trippin' all - the - time.

It's Tuesday ... almost always better than Monday ...
but rarely ever as good as Sunday.


  1. Blogging has helped me with the shallow thinking. Like you, I tend to be a deep thinker and go way in over my head. Shallow is good. Take it a day at a time in the shallow water!

    You are gloating and I am ever so jealous!!! :^)

  2. Shallow thinking is what I consciously switch to when my head starts spinning with deep thinking, but you put it so succinctly.

  3. i really enjoyed this post. the photos are lovely as usual and i enjoyed the visual image of the kittens playing. i miss cats as my husband is not at all a feline fan. so sad! i'm jealous of the 24" monitor; i have the smaller one and not too much of a brat to admit that i wish i'd gone big. i like the idea of shallow thinking and will try to employ it when i'm grinding my teeth late at night. and, finally, yes, i have noticed a lighter tone to your posts and have been glad that you're feeling . . . lighter maybe? take care.

  4. I tend to think in pictures, so I suppose the shallow thoughts would be pastels?

    You are such a lucky girl. Rain, more rain, and PEI at the weekend!

  5. Hi Susan ~ Thanks for visiting my blog! Like you (it sounds), I tend to over-analyze most everything...which can be quite a detriment at times. It looks like you live in a beautiful place, a good place for clearing the mind! I would love to visit Novia Scotia some day. :)

  6. Well, even in your 'shallow thinking,' you still manage to have some deeper stirring there. I am like Willow, go deeper too .., but find my new blog helps me to stay more on areas we can all connect with and allows me to explore the lighter, even fun side of things.

    There's a song that goes, "choke me in the shallow water, before I get too deep"--Not the most ideal lyrics, but great tune nonetheless. You've perhaps head it before?

    So is your street named after you?

  7. An Edie Brickell song I do believe mmm
    and a song I know well and ... yes let's say that my street was named after me - it certainly was meant to be, me and this old brick house at 29 Black St, meant to be for a time anyway.

  8. 24" monitor...{swoon}...

    Your house seems so lovely I couldn't imagine leaving it myself. But as a "fellow ruminator" I do understand. Baby steps..

  9. Hmmm..your post got me to thinking...I think I might be thinking too deep lately. =/ Cause I sure am tearing myself apart inside. So much, that I feel "broken" lately. But, I still love the fact that reading your blogs lift me up. The beautiful descriptions of your morning, plans for the day with your furry friends and the fantastic photos you take and display.

    *hugs* and Much love

  10. Oh Susan, I so know where you're coming from with this post.I decided a while ago that I was expending far too much energy "up" in my head. Now, like you I don't let thoughts get past a certain point...and yes,the big picture can get overwhelming, so you just have to deal with small bits at a time, or stay in the shallows as you put it.Shallows are warmer anyway. It gets a bit cold in the deep. Much love.

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