Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Maureen - Alexandra Park Pool - Queen & Bathurst

More Polaroids from the archives. I'm up an hour earlier than usual this morning. The smell of coffee waking me up this early morning at 4:10am. It seems, while getting the coffee ready last evening, I accidentally hit a button on my coffee maker's timer causing my coffee to brew at 4am instead of 5am. Sigh. Oh well.

Summer's in Toronto would often feel terribly stifling - hot and sticky humid. My friend Maureen and I would pack up our troubles in a big beach bag. Towels, cameras, swimming goggles, and large plastic bottles filled halfway with frozen water and we'd head to the public swimming pool at Alexandra Park, just up from Queen & Bathurst. We'd pretend we were kids and we'd have so much fun.

My Buddha Boy Oliver is keeping me company as I type this. His favourite pose - sitting up straight, eyes closed, in deep sweet feline meditation and I'm just off to the land of lavender & bubbles.


  1. Do you know, I've never really liked full out sun activities, even as a child. I would have been the one under the hat, over beneath the tree in the shade with a book, while you and your friend splashed about. However, we are most certainly on the same page about the coffee, and I"m off for some now.

    Have a wonderful first day of October, Susan! Edward is about to be a very happy boy,as the weather forecast for today is wind and dropping temps! I haven't told him yet, thought I'd let him be surprised for himself!

  2. I practically lived in a pool when I was young, but I would be the one under the hat now.

  3. Happy October friend! Those photos are really cool. Surreal sort of.

  4. Little tattoo? Is there a story there you'll divulge or not? I'm interested for sure. The photos are great.

  5. Hi Pam, You know I don't know anything about this little gun tattoo - I suspect it could have been a youthful attempt at being perceived as "tough" somehow or one of those regrettable whims ?? I would guess that she would be very much against guns - of any kind, as her politics definitely leaned far toward the left ... so, I'm not sure.


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