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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bleet & Oliver

A photo of my co-workers hanging around my messy desk for an afternoon break. Bleet's a very funny cat. Whenever he comes inside from his adventures outside in the wilds of our big tangled yard and garden he insists on paying me a visit. Jumping up on the teak topped desk, he'll lie his big, fat, black velvet body sprawled out on top of whatever tissue paper drawing I happen to be working on and a very large fuss must immediately be made ... I must greet him as if he's been away for days. He purrs madly and deeply as I rub and scratch all around his head and ears paying special attention to under the chin and then a good long belly rub (and he has the most rolly polly fat belly perfect for rubbing).

Oliver (who is an inside cat along with his rarely seen and extremely aloof brother Gus) works beside me most of the day. In this photo he's in one of his usual perches atop my scanner where he will sit - up straight, eyes closed, my Buddha boy cat just keepin' me company all day long. If I need an opinion, perhaps a critique of a drawing thus far - Oliver's usually nearby and always happy to help out. And as you already know he has a great fondness, and proven natural ability, for assisting on photo shoots. If I get up from the teak topped desk for any reason he leaps down and happily trots along in front of me - totally game for anything that might be about to happen. Cats are amazing creatures - all with such different personalities.

Very occasionally we may have a visit from Mr. Aloof himself, Gus the trim, slim, sleek, oh so handsome tabby with the pink nose. He'll arrive full of rubs and purrs. You mustn't ever pick him up - he doesn't like that. He loves to smack his trim body into yours and rub along the whole length of you. Head butting you fiercely all the while purring like crazy - you know those cats that kind of pat themselves, you just hold out your hand and they do all the work. A visit from Mr. Mr. can mean only one thing. He's hungry, the service around this joint is slipping and can't a Starvin' Marvin get a decent spoonful of fresh wet food ?

Much more busyness here at 29 Black Street today and this weekend. A lovely array of household chores, thumbnail drawings, and etsy shop organizing and planning to do lies in wait for me to choose from ... and I must get to it ... there are dishes that need to be done before our morning beach walk.

Happy weekend !


  1. Susan, you work in excellent company! Hope your weekend is happy.

  2. Happy Weekend, girl. I'm off to a soccer game today myself. Only four more! (I actually enjoy then I have to admit!)

    That photo of you and Jake yesterday is beautiful. The love just lights up the picture.

  3. You have the best co-workers, Susan! That little Bleet has the most adorable little face. Happy Saturday! :^)

  4. Bless my whiskers that last photograph is beautiful!

  5. I love cats and I miss mine that passed away 2 years ago. I think I may go get another one this week.

  6. Good evening, Susan. I'm so sorry I haven't been by in a few days. I was looking back at your blogs from the last couple of days...I so LOVE the picture from "Grateful". Wow! It captures alot of emotion. I can't wait to get the picture in hand that I purchased from your Etsy shop. :)

    And thank you for stopping by to cheer me up. It is much appreciated. Much!


  7. Best kind of co-workers imaginable!

    Only thing is mine get a little pushy as dinner time approaches. eh eh eh


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