off to the land of Anne

Friday, October 3, 2008


Off to Anne's Land this morning - Anne of Green Gables and of course, typically me I still have many things to check off that darn master list. Sigh. Thankfully I am an early bird. Enjoyed a little Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert with my 4 (something) am coffee tucked into the nest (a broadcast from the west coast of Canada) and also managed to see reruns of last nights vice presidential debates on CNN (I fell fast asleep too soon last night). Hey, did Sarah win ? I guess they're calling it a draw (oh oh). It's terrible but I almost forgot about the Canadian (yawn) debates and from what I can glean from around the net this early morning, it seems like I'm not the only Canadian who's way more interested in the US election than our own.

I must get myself going, cross a few more things off that list, a bit more tidying up, packing to do and it's nearly time to wake up Thrilled & Excited.

I had both photo assistants working with me on this latest shoot. Wink.

Here's a lovely web site (found at daily haunt Poppytalk) I'll leave you with - beauty, beauty, beauty. Big happy sigh.

sweet Ver (Oliver)

and always elusive, rarely seen in dayight - Gussie Gus


  1. I, and the furry ones, wish you a glorious trip! Take lots of photographs for us!

  2. Have the best time ever, Susan! Can't wait to see the photos!

  3. beautiful colours when photo'd as a group ... hahha.... the cats like the outdoor stuff you brought inside for them...

  4. Have fun! I'll be looking forward to all your stories and wonderful pix.

    I'm enjoying the Arbus book!! :)

  5. Wishing you a wonderful time Susan.Looking forward to hearing about your travels, and seeing your photographs.Those Anne books were very much part of my life. What fun for you!

  6. have a wonderful time! i'll miss your posts!

  7. Good evening, sweet Susan. I hope you are having the most wonderful time on your trip. I have been thinking about you. Looking forward to the pictures and tales! ;)

    Much love!

  8. Oooh I'm jealous. How wonderful. I'd love to go day!

    Thanks for another great link too.


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