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Monday, October 6, 2008

Miss D & Miss J enjoying the windy scenery

Designer gal and best girlfriend MLou created our petite pocket size laminated itinerary The Cavendish Limited (for those of you who have seen the movie The Darjeeling Limited and don't you just LOVE Owen Wilson). And we did stick to our itinerary almost perfectly, two full days of chatting - chatting while sightseeing, driving in the car, walking Miss D and Miss J, taking photographs, eating ... Eat, sightsee, walk, chat - repeat. Perfection.

A perfect weekend in a perfectly magical place and avec les chiens. The landscape of this small island is absolutely spectacular from the rolling deep valleys and hills of farmland, like patchwork quilts of golds and greens, to the wind swept beaches and dunes dotted with tiny gangs of Sandpipers, to the steep red clay cliffs which are continually carved by the wild Atlantic ocean. It is all breathtakingly beautiful.

And I must confess I'm feeling a bit bummed out to be back in my real world again this morning. Back in the world of lists and worries, to-do's and must-do's. I'll leave you this early am with some photos from the beaches and dunes of the National Park, situated on the North, the wild Atlantic side, of the Island and a few of those sweet tiny Sandpipers.

with a big ol' nod to Wes Anderson and the movie The Darjeeling Limited

MLou & Miss J amid the dunes


  1. These are my kind of skies! Lovely puffy gray clouds and lots of fresh air! And how cute is that lighthouse?!

  2. It looks wonderful Susan, and thanks for the links which I've enjoyed, even hearing the audio of the little sandpipers!As I've mentioned before I think you live in a beautiful open,scenic part of the world. Welcome back to Black Street where the views and surrounds are not to hard to bear either!

  3. That is such beautiful scenery and I'm glad you had a nice time.

  4. Oh wow. Such beautiful days, Susan. And that top photo looks like my two! I adore the lighthouse photo. Perfect. Days like these are so nice to store in our minds for re-visits whenever we wish!

    Welcome home!

  5. Welcome home, Susan. The photos are wonderful...I'm certain I would also love that island. The lighthouse is beautiful. Katy and I are working on visiting all the lighthouses on the Oregon coast. I have a soft spot for them. That was a great movie and Owen Wilson was too adorable in it. Now that you've mentioned it I think I'll Tivo it and see it again when it gets on cable.

    I know how you must feel...getting back to the real world after a trip to your favorite place. I felt that way this year when we got home.

    Take it easy...immerse yourself in reality gently.

  6. Looks gorgeous... love the photo with the furry friends, they look like they are having fun.
    Once a friend asked me what animal I would like to come back as and I said a sandpiper because I would love to hang around the beach and scoot along at the edge of the water they way they do.

  7. oh, i so want to be there at the ocean right now. actually, anywhere but here at my work desk at lunch!! it looks like a lovely trip was had by all!

  8. " patchwork quilts of golds and greens, to the wind swept beaches and dunes.."
    -Oh, thank you so much for sharing this.I can only imagine. how lovely for you. This is one bit of land i would absolutely love to see. It so captures my imagination way up there in Canada.


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