an evening walk

Monday, October 27, 2008

Come on an evening walk with Miss Dixon and me

I can watch these big ships coming and going from my studio window. The park and the gravel path along the harbour's edge is a mere stone's throw from our front door and the crescent beach is at the end of the street a few minutes walk away. Sigh.

oh no ! perhaps I'm suffering from acedia - while groovin' all day yesterday, workin' away on my 12 page newsletter here at the teak topped desk and listening to my beloved CBC radio 1 (have I told you how much I love CBC radio ?) I listened to this very interesting interview with Kathleen Norris on a favourite Sunday afternoon show- Tapestry. Her new book is called Acedia and Me. You can listen to the interview here.

Few people today have encountered the word acedia, which literally means not-caring, or being unable to care that you don’t care. In some ways, though, acedia defines today’s culture, expressing itself as willful indifference, restless boredom, or even frantic busyness. Norris discusses both acedia and its opposite–the zeal that draws on faith, hope, and love.

off to the land of bubbles.


  1. Who cares?! Just kidding! ;^)

    Lovely pics, as always, Susan. The first one is a different view than you usually show us!

  2. Acedia... I have never heard of it before, but I think it might be what I feel on too many days. I thought I had identified my feelings as ennui, but acedia sounds more accurate.
    By the way, I hope you will put a copy of that last photo in your Etsy shop.

  3. hahahha ... you are too funny. I bet acedia is also divvy-ed up into categories just like any other syndrome ... and, if you have Acedia.... you must have Acedia #1 .... which is probably "occasional acedia".. or "intermittent acedia", or perhaps even "pre-acedia"... or some silly thing. .... not to worry, we all have it ....from time to

    I think I want that cottage right on the edge of the rocks... the solitary one..... it's probably slighter bigger than I need...but it'll do for a summer place.... a summer place.......

  4. "slightly.... that would be slightly bigger

  5. Hi,
    I love that really low golden light. Interesting to see some other views of your village. Do those houses get pounded with waves in a storm?

  6. Good evening, lovely Susan. I'm sorry, but I so envy the beauty that surrounds you!! wow! :) I hope you had a good day. I think of you and the furry gain often.


  7. This is so beautiful it brings tears to my are so blessed to live in such a magical spot.
    And I agree with another commenter here...these are etsy material! Such lovely images.


  8. Fantastic pictures. I decided to look your town up on google earth and could se your hamlet and area. Gorgeous. I just love these pics. They are so compelling.


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