Sunday, October 12, 2008

cosmos and nasturtiums

Cheery happy colours this morning. I am head spinning-ly happy and excited this morning. Way more thrilled than I actually thought I would be (and I knew I'd be pretty thrilled). Any of you who have been following along with the Saga of Susan know that my etsy shop opening has been in the works now for ... oh for ... well truthfully ... all year. Lots of big talk in July, then more talk in Aug. And I know all that doesn't matter 'cause ... it's open now ! Many thanks to yesterdays shoppers and all of you who stopped by to check things out and send congrats my way. This early morning with my second cup o'java on hand, my bubbles with citrus & patchouli awaiting I'm realizing that my excitement is not just about a job accomplished, a goal, a wish and a dream scratched off that huge master list of mine - but it's really excitement about tons of potential and big future dreams.

This has been the hardest year that I can ever remember ... I have felt like I would surely die of sadness and longing, and anyone who knows this kind of grief knows that you feel as if it just would be so much easier if you could just give up ... or give in to it. Tears fall as I write this, I still can't think about him - Jake the big red dog that stole my heart and all of my love - without tears. I was, and still am, madly in love with that dog - a dog that changed my heart forever, what can I tell ya.

This morning I feel so invigorated, my head is truly spinning with ideas and plans for new items for les shop (in time for Christmas shopping), prints, small posters and lots more cards (more art print cards and much less expensive greeting cards as well). Both photography and illustration, collage and paintings ... Building my own creative empire means eventually not depending on other customers to provide my income ... and art direction - to really be in charge of my own destiny and to be completely doin' my own thing - what's not to be excited about ?

And Madam Invincible is thinking of renting my spare bedroom, she and I chatted a bit about it last night. She loves animals and loves the seaside and she travels a lot, internationally for business, so there will be spells when she's away for weeks at a time... but she'd like to make 29 Black Street her home base and I am totally cool with that.

Happy Sunday mon amis !


  1. It looks great, Susan! Congratulations. All that hard work has certainly paid off!!

  2. I'm so happy for you!! You deserve all of this. Your work is great and you are a WONDERFUL person. :) **BIG HUGS**

    PS I added you to my Etsy shop favorites and listed you on my blog page...maybe this will bring your more customers.

    Best of luck!

  3. The shop is beautiful!!! I went straight there this morning because I left the house early yesterday and couldn't visit then. Really, Susan, you've done everything in such a professional, classy way and the cards are very fine. I bought the starships card because I love the surreal look of that one. I love them all, of course, but the polaroid shots really appeal to me. There is another pic I like, not a card yet, and it is of your friend Maureen at the edge of that pool.

    Your new dreams and plans are so exciting and I so look forward to following them.

    By the way: two questions...did I miss something? Who is Madam Invincible? I scanned back through old posts but I couldn't find a mention of her.

    Second...what did you say your sign is? I know once I mentioned being a virgo and you said yours, but that was in a comment that I can't find.


  4. Thanks Austen & Sweet Pea !

    and Hi Anya! Madam Invincible is my (often missing in action) alter ego. She goes away on trips to far away lands and often stays away much too long. Another one of the characters in my rich & diverse imaginary life. Wink. She's great drinking buddies with Ache & Sadness.

    And I am a Cancer July 07, smack in the centre, true blue, died in the wool ... Cancer

    I sent you a merci email just now !

  5. Well Susan, that explains a lot... you and I are both of the sign of Cancer. My birthday is July 10th, and I am a true, died-in-the-wool Cancer, too. Sensitive souls, imaginative, introspective, nesters. I have a Madame Invincible too, but she doesn't show up often enough. She will show up for a day or two, and I never know when.

  6. Susan! I had to chuckle....when you said Madame Invincible is thinking of renting your spare bedroom, I got confused. I'm still laughing at my slow brain this morning. I even know that welcomed but elusive lady well and I still didn't get it!

  7. woohoooo!! what a fun first day at the "shop" it must have been! some year I hope to get one going too and then I will know the excitement.... I'll have to rustle me up a Madam somewhere....

    I took a pic of me and "somebody" toasting your first sales...but.. will have to post my entry later in the day... off to make a working man's brekky now and then get busy slapping on a coat of many cupboard doors and drawer faces.


  8. Edward and I are smiling for you. Big, toothy smiles!

  9. Hey, it's happy over here! Glad the Madame is going to check herself in to Blackstreet! Your shop is gorgeous and so you. Sparkling is right.

  10. I'm so sorry about Jake and your loss. I am dealing with such things with our dog who seems to be on the way out and the vet bills keep coming in.

  11. gorgeous photos though. so bright and happy.


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