Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ice Cream Shop Folk Art Outsider Original by Arthur Simo

Any of you who are familiar at all with the land of etsy know that it is a virtual paradise of beauty and craft, design and innovation. A place for finding incredibly affordable and often one of a kind items. Amazingly talented entrepreneurs, all with their own shops, selling their own unique wares. It's so easy to be totally swept away, in a kind of domino effect, perusing around this wonderland. You're in one shop and you think I wonder who their favourites are ? so you check that out and then you wonder who else has chosen that shop as a favourite ? ... you fall into one shop and the next thing you know you are being gently led down amazing paths and through a gigantic maze of goodness and delight ... leading you on to more and more.

And that's how I found Arthur Simo yesterday. Wow ! He's 16 and I think his work is amazing. His paintings are all so incredible rich with details and imagination and so wonderfully colourful. Wow ! I love them all. And it turns out Arthur and I have a lot of the same interests (sharks, Egypt, the Universe & space, fossils and dinosaurs). Here's his profile from his etsy shop

My name is Arthur Simo, I'm a teenager, 16 (2008) and I have Autism. I love to paint because I have fun creating each picture. Also I love to play nintendo, watch movies and read about sharks, space, Universe, dinosaurs, aliens, cattles, Egypt and love to collect fossils. I skate, ride horses and bike. I am taking a Tai Kwon Do class and I am a green belt.

Arthur has an amazing Mom, Adriana, who helps him with his etsy shop, she loads up the photos and writes his incredible descriptions out for him. Each painting is a story that Arthur's telling through his art. Please stop by and check out all of his incredible paintings. Rock On Arthur !

Locks and Keys Folk Art Outsider Original by Arthur Simo

and oh yeh ! I guess I would be remiss if I didn't mention today's Canadian federal election. All I'll say is ...

Dear God and the Universe,
Please grant Stephen Harper a first class ticket on the next slow boat to Loser's Island where he can wait patiently in a chaise lounge, Pina Colada in hand, for John & Sarah's boat to arrive.

Merci, All the Best,
your friend Susan


  1. His artwork is amazing. Thanks for your comments Susan. It is always such a pleasure to see you've dropped by.Love to you and the little furry friends. When I move I will miss the little cat from next door so much. What will we do without our Dennis the Menace?Never mind, I can always see what you and the gang are up to, and its always something of beauty or gentle reflection.Beautifully sad sometimes, but I can so relate this with leaving little Dennis-his softeness and sweetness - their personalities are our downfall aren't they!I hope his new neighbours are welcoming or kind.

  2. Good morning, Susan. His artwork is amazing! I've been to his shop...only problem is, I'm still trying to decide which one I like the best! :) Thank you for sharing about him. His story is amazing and he has a wonderful mom to help him along the way.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!!

    Hugs to all of you there! xo

  3. His artwork IS amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this Susan. I'll have to go check out more...

  4. And he's only sixteen! Amazing.

    Lovely prayer.

    We are checking out to the beach. Edward cannot wait! Happy week!

  5. Susan

    Your blog is great, Arthur is really happy to have a friend at Nova Scotia. Thanks for writing about him and I am really happy you like his art. Your friends from Florida.

  6. Incredible paintings. And add my fervent wish to your letter!

  7. Hi Arthur and Arthur's Mom, You guys are so welcome ! I LOVE Arthur's art and I knew everyone else would LOVE it as well. I'm very happy to have two new friends in Florida, xo, Susan

    Arthur should have a blog ... what do ya think?

  8. Hi Susan
    I already created a blog for Arthur, but he does not like writing much. I am the one trying to encourage him. I did this blog and does not have much traffic. You can find it at.

    Thanks for your advice


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