more leaves

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift
Alberst Einstein

It's mild and windy and rainy here this early morning. The windows are all open and there's wind inside this old brick house. I love that. Sigh. Sweet Oliver is sitting here beside me, eyes closed and purring - the sweetest softest calico kitten that I've ever known. I'm still groovin' with my 12 page newsletter giant jigsaw puzzle. I should finish up today, with a few minor revisions by noon tomorrow (I'm hoping - this customer is famous for minor revisions. Smile) and then ... another big project put to bed.

And I'm just trying my best to keep on keepin' on ... living in this moment.

I do know & believe that is the secret to finding contentment but damned if it isn't a struggle to keep that motley crew, you know the gang I'm talking about (Ache, Sadness, Loneliness, Self Pity their new friend Acedia) from partying all night long and hanging around all day playing video games and messing the place up. I'm listening to Eckhart Tolle again - you can watch or listen also - here )

And hey, thanks for all the nice comments yesterday, Winn and I are so glad that you enjoyed coming with us on our evening walk down to the crescent beach. It is very beautiful isn't it ?


  1. It's amazing how the light shines right through the leaves, with their colors reflected on the paper beneath. (Reflected? not quite the right word, but I don't know what to call it.)

  2. Pretty leaves, and if I squint my eyes up they look like a kaleidoscope! And that last photo is so perfectly lit!

    Are you really certain you want to move from such an idyllic place??

  3. what a great way to photograph all the lovely leaves... I particularly like the lime-y greens at this time of year...

  4. Cheery array of leaves! What is that neat open book they're displayed on?

  5. Beautiful leaves, particularly the red and purple ones. I do miss seasons, what with living in near-perpetual sunshine.


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