puttering again

Sunday, October 26, 2008

cosmos, curious cats & colours of autumn

It's windy this early morning. Pitch blackness outside my studio window which I have open a crack so that I can hear the wind. It's not quite 6am. I'll confess yesterday I did not rendezvous avec la Beast Rouge and I did not accomplish nearly the amount of outside chores that were on Madam I's early morning task master list ... I got to puttering. You know how that goes, you spend an entire day busily puttering, yet at the end of the day you can't quite remember what it is you actually did. Sigh. It seems I spent yet another day camped out in non-urgent and unimportant, that fourth quadrant that it is my nature often, to gravitate to ... especially on the weekends.

I did take lots of photographs, I strolled around in our back petite forest collecting leaves of different shapes and vivid fall colours, I cooked squash and roasted cauliflower and potatoes with cumin and coriander, I made a plum crisp. I hung out towels and pillowcases on the line to dry in crisp fall sunshine, I swept and did dishes and I pruned houseplants (gerbera daisys and geraniums) newly arrived back inside from their summer home on our front porch. I picked cheery pink cosmos blossoms - a fall favourite of mine. I filled up the bird feeders with nijer seed and oiled black sunflower seeds and watched bluejays and chickadees and sweet tiny finches.

And in the evening Miss D and I watched the sun disappear across the harbour as we strolled along the gravel path heading home from our evening walk.


  1. Good morning, sweet Susan. Your flowers are so beautiful. Will you be putting any of those photos up for sale in your Etsy shop? If so, would you please let me know? My bedroom is in those colors and I would LOVE to have them hanging on the wall.

    I wish you a beautiful day! And remember, you don't always have to get everything done on your list!

    Much love!

  2. Lovely colors and shadows in these photos. I spend way too much time in that fourth quadrant... puttering is my specialty!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderfully full day to me! Puttering is an artist's right!

    Happy Sunday to you and Miss Winner. Your Keepsake Box ships tomorrow!

  4. That would be, of course, Miss Winnie. A slip that only serves to further illustrate my feelings about her!

  5. And she is most certainly a Winner Pamela. She is presently curled up on her bed under my desk snoozin', Oliver's sitting meditating at my side and I am groovin' along with my 12 page newsletter. We will await our keepsake box with bells on. Hope you, E & Miss A have a perfect Sunday.

  6. I think I am going to start calling my vacuum "la bĂȘte noire". I need to kick it's butt out of here and replace it. It decided not to run it's self propelled roller brush today. I'm so mad. :P

  7. I didnt even know about the fourth quadrant, but like Judy, I too spend a lot of time there. Hmm.


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