Friday, October 24, 2008

favourite thing #1

I bought this big hard cover book in a bargain bin nearly 20 years ago. A sound purchase. A book I still love. I love the care and attention, all the fine detail and washy colours of these painted fish. Pre photography natural history paintings.

I've decided to document some of my favourite things. Those things in life that continually make you smile and make you feel happy, that bring comfort or joy, things that you're glad to have around you. Some of mine are very sensible and practical, some whimsical or unusual, and others are just simple everyday things part of daily rituals (my favorite fat coffee mug or a steaming hot face cloth that magically always seems to cure all).

Akin I think to being grateful, in these times when thankfully purchasing new things is not always fiscally responsible (in my case anyway) - and really, don't we already have more than enough things ? I know I do - and the bigger questions lurk can I really afford that, and do I really need it ? Kill joy. I do still have my weak moments, just this week for example I spent far too much time attempting to rationalize a $110.00 (with shipping) purchase of personal care (mostly bath) stuff from my favourite smelly good things shop - Lush. Frugal girl did win out in the end but it was a bit of a battle for a time. I think it is the silver lining to this financial crisis - our wake up call. It's important to look around and appreciate the things that we already have that mean a lot or serve a purpose in our life and weeding them out from, and finally saying goodbye to, all the many things that don't. Discerning the difference between want and need. Simplifying. Embracing less & reveling in small.

I wonder what some of your favourite things or rituals are ?


  1. This fishy book is something I would have snatched up, too!

    Hey, we have to invest in ourselves, don't we? No one else is going to. Now I'm off to check out your Lush...

  2. Favorite rituals:
    1. greeting all the kitties in the morning, when they all gather in the kitchen to be fed;
    2. cooking dinner for my husband and me and sitting down to eat together;
    3. strawberry shortcake for his birthday;
    4. having a fire in the fireplace while watching the snow outside;
    5. tuning in to each new episode of "Lost";
    6. watching "White Christmas" and "Holiday Inn" every year at Christmas time;
    7. settling in to sleep for the night, always grateful for a warm place and a comfy bed.

  3. What a perfect list of rituals you have Judy in KY. thanks for sharing them with us. Makes me feel very cozy just reading them . Cozy & snug. xo, S & W and (B, O & G) wink.

  4. It's so easy to become a killjoy but such must we do, unfortunately. But we need to splurge now and then I think or life can get quite mundane.

  5. Great idea on documenting your favourite things... I might join in too. :)


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