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Saturday, October 11, 2008

pink peonies

More shameless self promotion this early morning. Phew what a busy day yesterday - on the fly continually with Madam Invincible tagging along beside me the entire time. She's decided to play it by ear. I'd love for her to stay the whole weekend but I realize, she's a very free spirit and she may just pack up and leave at a moments notice. That's just who she is. My meetings all went very well ... lots of lovely's and beautiful's, a few ooh's and ahh's were bandied around, M. Invincible and I both beamed, a little, with pride. And I most definitely drummed up lots of potential business. Now I can't wait to work on the series of larger size art prints. Matted 8x10 size. Many of my images need to be a bit bigger - like this one.

More pink and red, peonies and poppies. I have many duos in my shop of art prints/greeting cards, pairs of images, mostly flowers to start that go together. The same subject matter shot from two different perspectives. And these are two of my favourite duos. Red oriental poppies - is there a flower more grand ? and a bouquet of peonies in various shades of pink. All Polaroid prints.

My shop will open later in the day today as I still have all my postings left to do (eek!) this morning. Little photos to tweak and preen in photo shop before uploading to etsy, descriptions to finish writing up etc... I'm hoping that everything will be said and done, and my shop will be open, finally ... by 2pm my time, Atlantic time. Sigh.

Lots of general weekend stuff to take care of, another 11 frame drawings chosen from my last batch of thumbnails for customer No Uno (yeah! les bills are paid for another month). A roast chicken dinner (recipe and details to follow) to make for Miss D, Les Chats and moi, lots of walking in sunshine and crunching leaves with my gal Winnie Dixon, I'll make chili sauce, and maybe a big apple pear crisp to have with scoops of vanilla ice cream. I guess I should try and run that vacuum cleaner around and some of that other house cleaning stuff. I'd so much rather cook and putter, read or draw - I am a terrible house keeper I do confess. Always too many other things that I'd like to be doing ... one day ... good things come. Wink.

Those darn to-do lists reminds of this ... must order a few of these brilliant memo pads. And thank you all again SO much for your ongoing love & support, it means the world. Now I'm off to enjoy my second cup of coffee and do some day plannin' with Madam I and Miss D.

red poppies


  1. Madam Invincible is in your corner these days. Looking forward to your grand opening! Beautiful images...

  2. Have a wonderful shop opening, Susan! I do agree, it's a lot of work. I thought I'd go mad sitting in front of the computer all the darn day putting my boxes up in my etsy site. I was truly exhausted and grumpy upon completion! But, you will feel really nice when it's finished!!

    Happy weekend to you and Miss WD...Edward and Apple send their best wishes for a happy seaside weekend!

  3. Good morning...I just left a post on your last blog and now read that your shop visits yesterday went well. Yeah for you!! I am looking forward to your Etsy shop GRAND OPENING! woo hoo!! :)

    I wish you a stunning and beautiful weekend! :)

    Much love to you and the gang! xo

  4. Funny how the Madame flits around at will. Looks like everything is coming together nicely at Blackstreet!

  5. Wow... you're a veritable dynamo the past few days.... I need some of those Superwoman drugs... see you later...

    -8C, heavy frost on the roof tops here.... but...bright sunny blue sky day....

  6. Best of luck with everything, Susan. Very exciting!.

    Hey, isn't it thxgiving there soon if not already?


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