Monday, October 20, 2008

early morning and low tide with Miss D

Think I'll go back to the nest this early morning. I'm in one of those quiet moods ... not much to say this morning. I've fallen into one of those crevasses of sadness ... you know you're just walkin' along doing your thing and suddenly your feet come out from under you and everything seems suddenly dark and bleak. I'm used to it, it happens and I've learned to just hang in there, practice my shallow thinking, keep the nose to the teak topped desk, breath deeply and often, spend lots of time outside in nature and hang out with my family of animals ... and this too will pass. It always does.

I did want to say Rock ! On ! Colin Powell !! If you didn't hear the endorsement listen here - Amazing !!! Kind of gives me goose bumps and how fantastic was that. You know the whole world is watching this election ... and we're all on the edge of our seats.


  1. He put into words much of what I've been thinking. It was good to hear someone speaking from the heart, reflecting wisdom and truth. We need more like him.

  2. You've got the right idea for a sad day when the negative forces have set out to sabotage you, Madame I, and all the other positive characters you've been gathering around yourself lately. When I find myself in that place, I give in, pick up a novel, and sit in my cozy chair all day and read that novel. It's the only time I read novels in the daytime except on a vacation because I get too engrossed and want to do nothing else; it's the perfect past time for a down day. Keeps my mind from wandering too deeply into the morass.

    Hugs and lol.

    Oh! And here is a fun design web site that might give you a little bright spot today. You may have had this on your blog...I'm not sure...but there are lots of illustrators on it and it makes me think of something you'd like.


  3. I've been back and forth to your blog all morning... and now into the afternoon! hahaha... reading, youtubing, and getting interrupted ..but this time I heard the mailbox lid clunk and raced up to check...guess what?? they are here already!! woohoooo !!!

    Wow.. and so perfectly packaged too..just as I knew they would be. The prints are even more beautiful in person if that is anywhere near possible. The depth of colour ...and how I love a matte finish with clarity ..if you know what I mean...

    The ice piece will look perfect with a black frame... I've been playing with it just in a black piece of paper already... but the forget-me-nots.... I wish I could find a frame with one of their colours in it...it will be a search...or... a painting project... we'll see.... for now they are sitting on the dining table where I can admire them often from the kitchen....where I spend much of my time.... today I think I need to make some more peasant bread... if I ever get moving...I seem sluggish today too...

    thanks so much for my lovelies on a Monday morning....

  4. It's good that you know a bit of the way through the darkness. Just keep moving, I always say.

    And yes, I was quite proud of Colin! He was clear, concise and honorable in his statements. Bravo!

  5. Good evening, Susan. I hope you had a wonderful day. :) May your Tuesday be beautiful!

    Hugs to you and the furry friends!


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