red leaves

Thursday, October 23, 2008

more autumn perfection

I am tired this morning. I've been going full tilt these last few weeks. At my desk all the time and what a lovely big huge teak topped desk it is. I stop for a bit at noon to make some lunch, tidy the kitchen and yesterday I made a batch of much needed (ask Miss Dixon) home made dog cookies. Then back at it until 5:30pm or so when Winnie and I have our early evening walk in the park and down to the crescent shaped beach. It's a chance to slow down and remember the moment that I'm in, to stop rushing along, to look up at the sky and watch the wind whipping the clouds by, to notice the ever changing trees and leaves, to breath in deeply and to slow down, all the while Winnie is enjoying her nightly sniffing extravaganza. Boy oh boy there sure are a lot of good smells in that park. Quitting time is between 7:30-8pm - I just fade by then I'm afraid. It's a very rare occasion and extremely tight deadline that would have me be at the teak topped desk much past 8pm. I've really been enjoying my cozy living room (must take some photos) these past fall nights. With a fire blazing in my fireplace, my furry friends curled up all around me, a little taped television with my supper - more perfect pm snug-ness.

I'm working on 12 photo frame drawings for customer No. Uno (hope to be finished up by noon) and then I'll instantly switch to my 12 page newsletter project... which I'm now almost a week behind on (thankfully mostly my own self imposed schedule). Working this weekend I hope to get caught up.

So ... windy, dark and sleepy here at 29 Black Street this early morning. Think I'll head back to the nest, snug up with my girl Missy D and my second cup of coffee.

Illustration & typography wow !


  1. Homemade dog bisquits? You are such a good doggie mom. :^)

  2. We don't get quite those brilliant shades of red here in autumn. A beautiful collection. I hope you do post some photos of your snuggy living room. I like seeing glimpses of where people live.

  3. What a perfect little life you describe! I awoke this morning thinking the Songwriter was beside me, only to discover when I opened one eye, that he was already up and it was Edward with his big head on the pillow and Apple curled up at his feet. Together they took the place of an entire human. And so warm!

  4. Those colors are beautiful! Enjoy your cozy home... it sounds nice.

  5. Good evening, Susan. How are u tonight? You're a good mama to make homemade dog biscuits. I bought a dog biscuit recipe book about a year ago and totally forgot about it until you mentioned it today. I need to dig that thing out and give it a try!! :)

    I hope you had a beautiful day! Sending you tons of love from here!

  6. More lovely photos. Ahh...the smealls of Autumn. It doesn't smell so much here as it is so dry.

    Sorry, I've been offline for the most part for quite a while.


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