Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the bluest blue lobelia

courage is the power to let go of the familiar

Raymond Lindquist

I listened to another of the interviews found at Oprah's Soul Series yesterday while drawing miniature photo frame thumbnails on tissue paper. This one, a three part conversation between Oprah and Byron Katie. And yet another message from the Universe meant just for me. Byron Katie is the author of several books including Loving What Is : 4 Questions That Can Change Your Life

Loving What Is - what a concept. Even those three words all by themselves have a lot of meaning to me. There's no question I'm stuck, I pull a foot out of the mucky mess from time to time, but I always seemed to get sucked back in. The overriding emotion and feeling that's stuck in my life, in my heart and in my soul is and has been sadness. The loss of my big red dog Jake broke down the dam that had been holding all of that at bay, Sadness that's been living there a very long time. His kind spirit and all the deep purposeful love I had for him, seemed to keep all that badness away, now it's spilled out and all around me. And along with Sadness comes a whole bevy of friends and cohorts. Jealousy, Envy, Impatience, Self Pity and A Meanness of Spirit ... just to name a few. Ugly, nasty friends that you can't imagine you'd ever want to associate with. But here they all are - hanging around in your home and in your life. It's why I miss him so much, when he was here that sadness didn't seem to matter, it had no real strength. He protected me from it. Always.

I'll listen to these interviews again today ... I am trying not to give in to Sadness but there are times when I just feel too weary to fight it. Here is an interview with Byron Katie explaining the concept of The 4 Questions and how to apply them to your own situation (there are lots more video clips to be found at

The flip side or the silver lining, and there always is one isn't there ? Now that Sadness is out and staring me in the face ... I can see my foe more clearly than ever before. Now I have to learn how to deal with it and ultimately I must learn how to live without it.


  1. I have been lurking for too long without commenting. And then I "awarded" you/ tagged you on my blog and still didn’t comment. So now I want to say that the voice and the setting, the images and the honesty of your writing are compelling and…I want to say alluring, that they lure one in, almost a good way, though that sounds perhaps odd. Thank you for this post and its honesty.

    And, if it would cheer, and if you go in for such things, and if you want, a little something to put your mind to:

  2. Doing all that inner work is hard, but so important. Edward, Apple and I wish you light moments today. And I adore that colour blue.

  3. Susan, I'm sorry you are having a blue day, but I understand... I have blue days too. It's always a pleasure to see your photos and read about your day. Blue is my favorite color (if not my favorite mood) and those flowers are a gorgeous, intense blue. May you find cheer today in your beautiful surroundings.

  4. Hey Susan.... well, I'm one of the ultimate "Shallow Thinkers"... mostly I can't be bothered delving too deeply.... I'm just enjoying my time here.....

    and today...I want to know if you have experimented with the Peasant Bread very much? I'm in the middle of a batch and this time I added more sweetness... about a full tablespoon or more of clover honey...and it seems ..uhm.... really silky and stretchy, albeit a bit sticky.. even when I added some extra flour it was still sticky at the bottom of the mixing bowl. A bit tricky to get out and onto the floured surface but not horribly so.... and it is rising now...

    I'm divvying it up into two loaves.. putting some fruited muesli in one and some onions and sun dried tomatoes in the other.... mmmmm....haven't a clue what they will turn out like... but sure hope they do...they could be pretty yummy ....

  5. Stunning blue! Lovely, lovely photos, Susan.

  6. hahahhaha..... Faux lobster rolls.... cracked me right up!

    Hey! I know that stuff well. I like it for salads or a quick spaghetti sauce or whatever...

    bread is baking.... ahhhhhhh ....the house always smells so good with bread in the oven.... I hope it looks "photoworthy" (I decided to join those words to make up one of my own....

  7. I have the greatest respect for sadness.

    And I heard recently that sadness takes us down into soul, and there is something beautiful about that don't you think?

    Your Dogs are beautiful too. I understand your love for them entirely.

  8. Good evening, Susan. First off, your photos of the blue flowers are gorgeous. So peaceful and least to me, they are. Secondly, please know you are not alone on your "blue days". Everyone has them, just their "own". Don't scold yourself for feeling genuine emotion. To me, genuine emotion is so hard to find in this world. That is one of the many reasons why I love to visit your site. You expose your heart and soul to the world. You're honest and you are very humble. There is a special beauty about you...hold to it.

    Much love!


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