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Friday, October 31, 2008

That would be mo ... boo ... humbug !

Yes it's true. I'm afraid it's boo humbug again this All Hallow's Eve here at 29 Black Street. It's just too nerve wracking for Miss D who hates anyone knocking on our door, let alone ghouls, ghosts and creepy masked short people.

So ... we'll turn the lights down low, draw the drapes (I actually don't have drapes but wish I did on a night like this), we'll hunker down by the fire, read by candlelight, talk in hushed voices lest the ghouls discover us and we'll pretend we're not at home. However, Winn and I do wish all of you Halloween reveler's a ghostly good time (a certain Edward & Apple and the Good Witch who takes care of them leap instantly to mind) .

I have been very busy here at the teak topped desk. Can you tell. My newsletter project revisions have lagged on but I think last night I may have sent the final, final version off to my customer for one last review before it goes off to the printer. I am behind my own schedule, as usual. Now onto two small full colour poster designs - which of course must be tres beautiful and nothing less than absolutely awe inspiring - but no pressure please. Sweet tiny apples yet to prepare (that didn't happen last evening), wood to pitch in the sunporch and to stack in neat rows and I'd love tomorrow to gather some more beautiful fall leaves and press them between sheets of wax paper like we did when we were kids. Sigh.

more lovely leaf crafts from our Martha here.


  1. Susan, I started reading "The Power of Now" last night. Its a whole new way of thinking, isn't it? At first I couldn't understand it, but then it started to make sense. It just required a shift in perspective. I guess that's what it's all about, isn't it?

    About Halloween: In Philadelphia we knew a rabbi who hated Halloween. While his wife took their children around, he "took refuge" in our house. While he was there we let him put a mezuzah up on our door. When trick or treaters came to the door, they were greeted by a rabbi on a ladder with a hammer in his hand. He said he was delighted with this "antidote" to Halloween.

  2. We are indeed anticipating a fun evening here, Susan. But honestly, your plans sound so delightfully cozy... if we were closer we might just invite ourselves over for a fireside night with you and Miss Winnie!!

  3. I've decided to opt out of Halloween this year too. I say that each year and then cave...but not today. I am tired of spending good money on candy and chocolate for overweight, over age kids... when it was just the tiny ones in their cute little costumes and their little pumpkins or baggies... it was fun...even for me (and I don't really care for kids)...but when the wilder 15 to 18 year olds show up..or the likes of one neighbour who has to weigh 250 lbs and is about 14........ forget that.... it's ridiculous.

    We'll be downstairs munching popcorn; watching Johnny in Sleepy Hollow.... and later perhaps sip a little glass of port as we check in on CNN to see what gaffes were made, what lies were told...and see how stock markets plunged or rocketed ...then, head off to bed. Tomorrow we look at some mirrors I pre-scouted and work on trim of window and under the cupboards in my lovely laundry room.... ....

  4. let's see if this works...

    Halloween fun

    I love going to sites like this... there are so many animal sites.. they are always good for a laugh...

  5. If you want to participate, Susan, but not "actively," then there's always the bowl of candy outside the front door option. Or maybe at the bottom of the front steps would be better.

  6. hiya Susan...did you check out the post before today's? some pics on there of "the" room ... getting to the almost done stage. waiting for countertops which we ordered from Rona... but the past three days have been many trips to the store... and, already they lost the order, didn't bother to call with the quote, or see if we wanted it ordered.... etc.... so I am a little ticked and somewhere between apprehensive and scares stiff. Perfect for today..hahahha... Honestly, is there any wonder we do it all ourselves? .... sigh.... ...

    I added a new pic to today's too...

  7. "So ... we'll turn the lights down low, draw the drapes (I actually don't have drapes but wish I did on a night like this), we'll hunker down by the fire, read by candlelight, talk in hushed voices lest the ghouls discover us and we'll pretend we're not at home. "

    --We do the exact same thing as our dogs go crazy!!

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  11. Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach


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