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Saturday, November 1, 2008

More things that I love ...

My sister, Sandra, made this collection of pottery kitchen things. It's funny how she just decided on a bit of whim to take a weekend pottery course. She had absolutely no previous experience with clay, glazes or spinning wheels and yet she managed to whip up a bunch of items, things that were useful, that she wanted for her own kitchen and based on her memories of some much loved pottery pieces made years ago by our grandmother Flo (an amazing and very creative woman).

Thankfully I was the recipient of this lovely little collection one recent Christmas or birthday (I can't remember). Cream, sugar and coffee mug and a small brown bowl avec spout. I love how simple and straightforward they are. They belong in my collection of ... things that I love.

Lemon, orange and patchouli bubbles this morning. Frugal girl adds drop of essential oils (available at any health or natural foods store) to reasonably cheap (or should I say inexpensive) bubble bath - an attempt to recreate a reasonable facsimile of favourite, kinda pricey, bath stuff from Lush.

la list du jour

• clean out (vacuum, dust, etc...) teal coloured '97 Ford Escort dog wagon
• houseclean (desperate areas only) -'cause company's a comin' tomorrow. eek !
• clean out sun porch (readying it for piles and piles of neat rows of firewood)
• walk at the beach awhile this afternoon with Miss D & Baby Duke
• ponder and prepare food for tomorrow's chain saw wielding garden elves (???)
• prepare crab apples for jelly making .... finally
• research and brainstorm a bit for a new project from customer No Uno (another unique and amazing baby collection - pas de pressure) thumbnails due Tuesday.
• press collected (yesterday) autumn leaves between sheets of wax paper, because ... I want to

that's enough.


  1. I took a pottery class one time... brings back memories.
    Back when we still used handymen...and were quite friendly with one and his wife..Ken mentioned that he had always wanted to give it a try, so he and I signed up for a night class and went together. His wife didn't want anything to do with it and Greg wasn't interested in it Ken would drive over to pick me up and off we would go to the nearest school that had the class. He was a natural and a big guy with huge hands, so produced lovely large pieces...I, on the other hand have smallish hands and even had the mud fly off the wheel a time or two trying for bigger platters.... what a fun class that was! although it got rushed at the end and some of us were too slow to get some things glazed and fired....sigh... I eventually tossed them in the trash. We both made some great items... he actually made all his Christmas gifts for his three daughters. Most of mine I gave away... but, still have one small bowl that I put potpourri in and also made a vase more in the Raku style with an iridescent glaze in patches on a rusty brown base that I use for dried arrangements.
    Thanks for the memory.... the four of us laughed about that winter for years after .... mentioning that every time Ken and I drove off to "class" ... Maureen threatened to "visit" Greg on those nights.... it made Greg a bit nervous in case she was serious...hahahhahha......she was such a comic and whenever we visited each other, she had us laughing til we cried. .... but, alas.... renovations, greed, dishonesty, etc.... cost us all on that friendship; a perfectly good reason to DIY..... it took me a few years to get over some of the antics... but, now, I am just as civil as can be if I see either of them at Safeway...... even if I could have another $50,000 in my retirement fund. Ya live and learn.

  2. oops.... what an ol' windbag I am....hahhahahha

  3. Good morning, Susan. I hope your weekend is starting off beautiful. I love the pottery pieces that your sister made. What lovely memories to have in your home.


  4. Charming pottery. Obviously, talent runs in the family!

  5. I'm so glad my pottery post jogged your memory Vee. You tell a great tale so never you mind about any long winded comments. I love to hear your stories.

    I would love to take a pottery class myself or even just go to one of those cafes where you can paint your own design on a existing blank piece and fir and glaze it.

    It's early 5pm and I'm fading fast and of course I've only crossed off half of the items on la list du jour. sigh. such is my life.

    Don't forget to "fall back" tonight. Wink

  6. Love these colours in your pics.

  7. oh, i'm delighted by the pottery, especially the bowl with the spout!!

  8. Oh I love the pottery pieces (and your lovely photos of them). I've been itching to take pottery classes but it seems like an art that involves a great deal of patience. And the word patience is typically not used when describing myself. :-)


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