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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pages from two children's books recently loaned from our little library

More illustration love & inspiration - this time by artist, author and illustrator J. Otto Seibold. His books also have lots of very groovy, simple hand drawn type. I am a huge fan of both his quirky, silly and always fun illustrations and amazingly whimsical hand drawn typography. He illustrates and co-authors children's books along with Vivian Walsh. A selection of those titles can be found here.

I must really get cracking this early morning, bundle up and grab Miss Dixon and head out for our stroll around this little seaside village in darkness. Well actually the sun will begin to come up while we're out. Sigh. Another big, juicy, completely up my alley and with potential mega numbers of frame drawings, project begins this early morning on the teak topped desk. I'm just going to throw out the number 22, I would like to get at least 22 final frame drawings from this next project Mr. Universe ... if you're listening (*note when making a request to the Universe it's very important to always state the words at least - you never ever want to cap a request to the Universe, you always state a minimum amount, as of course, any amount over that then becomes a lovely and always appreciated bonus).

I'm having lunch out today. Shut up ! No you shut up ! Yes, it's true I'm actually leaving this old brick house for something other than a walk with Miss D and I am very much looking forward to it. Helen & I are going to a little seafood-ey place in the next village up along the coast, a 15 minute drive from here. I hope to be back at the teak topped desk before 2pm this afternoon.

Buddha boy (Oliver) is here hangin' with me this early morning. He's in his usual spot, sitting right beside me in the pool of light coming from my small desk lamp, eyes closed, purring softly and looking oh so handsome. He has the softest calico coat and he always smells just like fresh laundry.

Merci Universe for sending me such a wonderful sweet cat.

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  1. Such imaginative and whimsical illustrations. I love all the details. The sky is pink in reality, but blue in the picture on the wall. Santa has a helicopter! Does that mean Donner and Blitzen and company are in retirement?
    Enjoy lunch!

  2. I might just have to get "Mr. Lunch Takes a Plane Ride" for myself this Christmas. His illustrations are adorable!!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful lunch today.

  4. What charming illustrations! Fun.

    Edward is shadowing me today. I took a tumble yesterday on our run. My fault, I had on most unappropriate shoes,but was too impatient to change them before we set out. Almost home, coming down a hill, they slid out from under me and, splat, I landed in the road. Edward was more worried than I and has sat with, and slept with, me ever since. I get up, and he gets up, I leave the room ,and he leaves the room. It's really sweet. I actually think it's pretty neat to have a skinned elbow at my age!

    Have a fun lunch!!

  5. Hey thanks for the tip on adding At Least into my requests, will remember that.


  6. yes, these are just delightful illustrations! your seafood lunch sounds great as well.

  7. Good evening, lovely Susan. Sounds like you had a very beautiful, sunny day. :) I will have to remember the whole Universe request thing...thanks for the tip. And thank you for making me smile tonight. When I read your eating out comment...I smiled and said, "she cracks me up". I needed that. I'm really having an off week and did not receive the news I was hoping to hear from the doctor today. I'm looking at facing more tests. It broke my spirits some. :(

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new Etsy well as new beautiful pictures of your precious home and beach.

    so much love is being sent to you!

  8. I love illustrations like that.Wonderful. was the seafood place after all that?


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