pink skies

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pink sky in the morning ... sailor's take warning

It's a quiet morning here at 29 Black Street. It's windy and colder. Wintry.

a few odds and sods

50 things you might not know about Barack Obama - he is SO cool
Stephen Colbert (love him) is on the cover of the latest Spider Man comic book
Stephen tries to lure Barack Obama on the show with a signed copy (in Canada)
Fake New York Times - from CBC radio 1's Q
And ... I love this song from the new CD by Las Vegas boys The Killers
Missy D and I have spotted SC and 8 painted plywood reindeer with colourful blinking and twinkling mini lights while out on our evening stroll - 'tis the season.

draw, draw, draw - cute, cuter, cutest new baby themed frames here at the teak topped desk


  1. Beautiful pink sky pictures.
    You are an early bird!

  2. Gorgeousness! No, silly, not the sky - you!

    I wont be popping in for a few days, well about ten actually. Im off on a wee break and then Im not meant to read anything for a whole week! Eeek. Something to do with The Artist's Way.

    So anyway, I hope you have a great day today, you'll be looking forward to the storm the pink sky signals wont you?

    Ill look forward to catching up on your posts when Im allowed to read again!

    Bye : )

  3. The Obamas were interview on 60 Minutes the other night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They are such nice people.

    It's a chilly 19 degrees F here this morning. brrrrr

  4. Beautiful photos! The saying underneath reminded me of my mother who always said it when she saw such a sky. Today is her 80th birthday.

    The Obamas seem to be very personable people.

  5. ... waved Mr. BVee goodbye at 5:00 a.m... after he shoveled half the driveway (only about an inch or so)... it was still dark...then,when I woke up was light. I wonder if my sky was pink? guess I'll have to rely on my own instincts ..with a nod to the weatherman... is cloudy and kinda white out there... I predict more snow. It's -4C.....not bad......your pink is prettier.

  6. Did you hear Stephen Colbert's interview with Terry Gross today?

  7. I am listening to Stephen Colbert at this very moment. An interview on NPR's Fresh Air. He is an impish genius, isn't he?? Love him and cannot wait to see his Christmas special on television!

    Bundle up, that sky looks serious!

  8. I love the new Killers song and am really looking forward to their new album.

  9. Love that Obama list. Interesting. I had actually already read it.


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