Friday, November 28, 2008

our walk along the harbour's edge at sunset

Miss D and I walk in darkness these winter days. Our scheduled walking times (and you can be sure this girl has a schedule) are morning - as soon after 6:30 am as we can hit the streets and in the evening any time after 5:15 - I like to be home again by 6pm - when excellent radio begins once again on CBC 1 - The World at 6 and As it Happens - just in case I have to be back at the teak topped desk for an hour or two.

I love to stroll the streets in darkness, especially with the company of my most excellent companion Winnie Dixon. This is a very quiet little village and rarely is there any traffic at all. It seems at those times of the day everyone else is still tucked in their beds or busy preparing dinner. So we walk the streets mostly in still and silence. Miss D. usually trots ahead of me taking full advantage of the entire length of her retractable lead although she never pulls beyond this length. Her little toe nails clicking along the pavement, seagulls and waves lapping the shore often the only sounds we hear. She uses this time to practice her, twice daily, intense nasal investigations so there is much stopping, and standing and waiting and I use this time to practice remembering to breath deeply, and sometimes to look up at the sky and the stars or to peer into the lives of well lit windows. She lets me know when the coast is clear and it's time to move on to the next enticing scent station along our way. There are some areas along our route seemingly devoid of interesting smells when we actually get walking at a fairly good clip ... although that never seems to last long.

These two walks have become like a meditation for me. I've often felt the saddest early in the morning and it's been a chance for me to walk and breath in the crisp morning air (as good as a second cup of coffee) and let all those Tears come out before the sun is up. At the end of the day when lately it feels like I've been rushing since daybreak, it's a chance for me to finally slow down, to just be and enjoy the smell of the salt air and the quiet of Night arriving ...

and to be grateful for many, many things ... but especially for my girl Miss D.


  1. I, also, love to walk early, early in the morning or in the evening, once everyone seems to be in, for the night; I especially favor the morning walks and try to be out around 5 am, every morning. There's something about the solitude, teamed with it being the start of a brand new day . . . . it's just refreshing and rejuvenating and the best way, to me, to spend some quiet, "just me" time and get myself ready for another day. It's lovely to touch a kindred spirit. Thank you . . . and happy strolling, with your precious companion.

  2. Your morning walks do sound refreshing...I hope that each one continues to heal your sadness and pain for Jake. You hang in there and know you are loved. I am thankful for you!

    Much love!

  3. Miss D has a lovely face. I am so glad you have such a good friend.

    My pup and I also walk in the morning dark, stopping for all the wonderful scents. I try to imagine what is going on in her head when she sticks her nose deep in the grass and inhales. "Hmmmm, he was here again. The nerve! In my park! He ate turkey yesterday, too. Well. I am going to obliterate his smell with mine. There. Nah!"
    After a while I run out of patience with her sniffing, and tell her its my turn to walk quickly and get those endorphins flowing!

    I hope that with every day you feel the pain of missing Jake a little less.

  4. ohhhhhh.... just look at that furry little face filled with such love....

    I finally fell asleep an hour or two before you were up and at it.... last time I got up after punching the pillows...I looked at the damn clock and it was 3:08.... and I went to bed before midnight. I was not having a fun time. Couldn't drag my body out of bed til 8:45.... s'cuze, me...but SHIT... becuz by then the day is half over..... such is the life of an insomniac.... I keep saying I'm going to get sleeping pills..but, with raised cholesterol levels.. they are almost a no-no.... so, I just live with a few hours sleep instead.... arrrgghhhh...... today I am going to work out til I drop... then try to stay vertical til bed time and hope I don't get into night shift mode yet again...

  5. Is it just me, or does Winn seem more willing to look directly at you? I do love her far-away gaze photos too though. So winsome and sweet. You're lucky to have the time for long walks with your loving companion. Hugs and warm thoughts from the cool and cloudy Left Coast.

  6. Such a sweet companion. Your walks sound perfect.

  7. Adorable, Susan. My husband walks the cats - even if it rains!
    We have 3/4 acre and it keeps hubbie and cats busy! They will walk in the snow - what with our current blizzard. The fresh air is so important!

  8. It sounds just the right mix of companionship and solitude Susan in a lovely quiet environment. Your photo is, as always, beautiful and tender.With love to you from here in the Southern Hemisphere, and thanks for your recent kind words and thoughts.Much apppreciated.

  9. Edward thinks Miss Winnie is one beautiful girl! And I quite agree with him!

  10. That is such a precious picture of Miss D! You can tell she knows when to turn it on for the camera. :-)

    Your walks sound so peaceful and lovely. Sigh...


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