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Monday, November 10, 2008

We're starting this week off with a new give away.

From now until Friday if you leave your name in the comment section of this Monday Nov 10, early morning post - this Saturday Miss Dixon, with the help of sweetest-cat-there-ever-was Oliver will draw a name and the winner can choose any photo art print card from the selection available at the 29 Black Street etsy shop. The prize will be your choice. We will then bundle it up with lots of love and gratitude and wing that little kraft coloured, card stock, mailer envelope anywhere in the world les winner should happen to live.

A big ol' thank you ...from all of us

What would we have done this year without all of you ... carrying us along, lifting us up, inspiring us, commiserating with us, comforting us, accepting us exactly the way we are, making us laugh and always being there when we absolutely needed a friend. Merci mon amis.

And ... if you're new to 29 Black Street, if it's your first stop by, or maybe you've been lurkin' awhile ... please leave your name and enter to win your choice of a photo print from my etsy shop.


  1. Good morning, Susan!!
    I hope you have a very beautiful week! And I think we owe YOU many thanks for brightening our days, enlightening them with your photos, stories of love, and your artwork. I mean that with all my heart.

    Much, much love to you!
    xo :)

  2. Susan, I agree with Alex about you brightening our days. It's nice to come to your site every morning knowing we will find lovely photos and sincere words.

  3. I agree! I enjoy visiting your site and I do believe you have a way of brightening our days.

  4. Hey, we love our daily visits to the charming Blackstreet! Your business cards are especially cute, BTW.

  5. I would have to say the same thing about you Susan. Your friendship and support have meant much to me too.

  6. You are very sweet. Happy Monday to you and the gang, from Edward, Apple and myself!

  7. Ooh, oooh..... I'm in like a dirty shirt ...right here!

    Perhaps I could win a fourth to add to my collection...and guess what ??? I even have a matching frame ...sort of "just waiting" for the next print if you can believe it! ....hahahahhah

    What fun!

  8. Bonus! A contest for doing what I love to do anyway!
    I hope you have a lovely, mild winter, with just enough snow to make it magical and keep the skiers happy.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the good wishes for my dog Jada. It's looking like she's going to be fine.
    Thanks again

  10. Hi
    I would have to agree with Alex too, you have been a constant source of loveliness in my days for ages now. Its nice, since I work at home alone alot of the time, to come over to Black street and have a little company for a while.

  11. My, my ... such super sweet comments ... merci! Miss D and I are just about to go out for our evening stroll after a very productive day here at the teak topped desk. See you all tomorrow.

  12. We should just call you, "her loveliness!" Even the envelope looks divine. How true are the comments above.

  13. They are all sweet comments... and they are all true!

    Thank you for putting me into your drawing. I love your photography! I have the perfect spot for one.

  14. see what happens when i don't visit you every day??!! you host a give-away and i almost miss it! i've been busily creating i the art room instead of blogging. glad i stopped in to visit you tonight!!

  15. I find you to be the most amazing woman! Yours is the blog in "my favorites" that I read FIRST each & every day! I gotta know what you & Miss D & Oliver & Bleet are up to each morning! I keep you in my prayers as I read your successes and your struggles! I celebrate every victory that is yours!! Have a great day!!!
    Vickie H.
    Dallas, Tx


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