Thursday, November 20, 2008

from the land of perfect walks

Images from a few weeks back, a sunny low tide weekend early morning. This early morning we awoke to our first snowfal. The first early morning that Bleet stuck his little whiskered nose out into the fresh cool air at 4:50 am and said emphatically No ! I think I'll go lie by the fire instead. Yesterday was a wild and windy cold rainy-turned-to-snow wicked day. A day that aside from our very early morning stroll around this village in darkness Miss D and I chose to stay tucked inside with a fire blazing.

I with my favourite HB mechanical pencil, tracing paper and kneaded eraser and she with her collection of slightly chewed raw hide treats. At 4pm we moved all of our stuff downstairs to the first floor office - a lovely giant old table set up in my living room/dining room space, complete with two luxo lamps and near the fire and television to continue the drawing marathon avec the company of Oprah, Ellen and my recent, totally obsessed, favourite Jon & Kate + 8.

I have a few new lofty goals that I've been rattling around in my head - I do so love a lofty goal, in fact the loftier the better.

1). to put something new in my etsy shop each and every week- a new mini illustration or collage print 2). to change the chapters on this blog's sidebar to read images and to go back to the beginning and change the labels accordingly to describe the images rather than the text. Even though I do babble on everyday about something or other I do think of this blog primarily as a visual journal 3). this one's daunting - even to a girl who excels at, and thrives on, feeling daunted. To create a large format landscape size (coffee table) book here at Blurb with photographs and text (much taken from this blog's history) of my boy Jake, and of course a chapter for Em, Ernst & Lulu, but really mostly about the big red dog who I think about, still, a billion times every day, the dog who changed my life and forever stole my heart. Daunting because I know how I will fuss and labour over every little decision and detail and the book I'd like to create is 40 pages of decisions and little details - but oh what a lovely tribute and what a beautiful keepsake. Sigh.

lavender & patchouli bubbles, down and fleece, mittens and winter boots.


  1. Good morning Susan. I love watching Jon and Kate plus eight too. Have you seen the episode where he cooks an authentic Korean dinner for the whole family? That one is my favorite!

  2. You have so many wonderful photos of Jake, the book is going to be beautiful. I can almost picture it with lean text, dreamy photos, lots of white space, and oozing love.

  3. wow! beautiful Nova Scotia! I just love where you live!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I've added this blog to my favs. :)


  4. Hey, I was just over at Vee's. What are cherry butter balls? YUM.

  5. So lovely, calm and serene, and the pink skies yesterday were beautiful too.
    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, in a good way. I think a coffee table book of Jake, Emma, Ernst and Lulu would be wonderful. Yes, with your attention to detail it might take a while to finish, but in the end, you would have something beautiful and completely unique.

  6. Yes working in front of the TV works for me.
    Am getting caught up on reruns of Jon and Kate.. love it.
    Stay warm.
    We had our first snow two days ago.. too cold and windy here for VA.

  7. my 3 1/2-year old granddaughter jenna introduced me to jon & kate + 8 and now i'm addicted as well. you just don't know how lucky you are with just a tiny bit of peace and quiet every day until you see how kate deals with 8 children!!! lovely photos as usual, susan! sign me up for a copy of the coffee table book. can i get min signed, please?

  8. Good evening, Susan. Your photos are pretty. Especially the pink skies from your last blog. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Beautiful!! I wish the best of luck on all your lofty goals! :)

    Much love to you and the furry gang!

  9. Ooh, Ilove your ideas of the coffee table and the etsy weekly addition. Not sure what you mean in number 2? I must be misreading it. Come by me again?


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