Friday, November 7, 2008

still life with peonies, Paris and my hero

A photo from the archives. From this summer, when the peonies in this garden were in all their splendour. A lime green pitcher bought at a village yard sale sitting on a page from the Saturday Globe & Mail. A photo of my best friend and hero, Jake in a favourite frame of my own design from years ago when I first began working for customer No. Uno. A small metal reproduction of the Eiffel tower and rich, big memories of a favourite city, a souvenir brought back from Paris by M. Invincible (she's such a cosmopolitan gal).

Don't you wish time would stand still for awhile or even better that you could go back in time for a visit ... but instead it just keeps rushing by you, whizzing by at a break neck speed. So fast sometimes I can hardly believe it. It's all the more reason to try to live in the moment, in this moment right now ... because ... this moment is ... really all that there is.

More deep thoughts, this early morning, from the teak topped desk. Happy Friday.


  1. How very true. I cannot believe I am already knee-deep in Christmas creations already. And oh, there are days I so wish I could re-visit. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could!

    I do adore the frame that Jake's pretty picture is in!

    Happy Friday to you and Miss Winn, Susan. Oh, and those cats as well!

  2. I love the frame, too. Noodle looks so cute in it.

  3. What a lovely picture. Yes, the holidays are upon us. It always makes me happy and sentimental at the same time.

  4. Jake looks so sweet in that photo. Hope you have a good weekend.

  5. For me, it's all about perception. Time contracts and dilates in such weird ways. Of course, I generally wish there was more.

  6. Yes, I wish I could go back to the younger, stronger and more creative me.

    Jake looks so wise and kind in that picture.

  7. It made me smile and cry a little to hear you call him Noodle - Mary D. A word that's meaning is forever changed in my vocabulary - my sweet Noodle. Thank you.

  8. There are many moments in my life recently that I wish time would just stand still. In fact, there are many times I wonder what life would be like if I had the ability to change it, but I don't. So, I must be happy and grateful for what I do have. Although, the book that I am currently reading, "Einstein's Dreams"...it does just that. Each chapter takes you to a time and place...if life were to function a certain way. Very good reading!

    By the way, I really, really love the photo. It's so beautiful!!


  9. I was just reading something else about living in the now and not worry or the past, etc. It is futile to do the latter. We can even think on what we don't deserve that we have, etc.

    I love those eiffel towers. We have one at my home too.


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