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Monday, November 3, 2008

chocolate chip cookies

Goodness I am tired this morning ... and of course yet again, I'm awake at my usual time, which is now an hour earlier because of daylight savings time. That, and the heavy footed stomping around of Bleet also up, awake and wanting to go out at his usual time of anytime-before-5am. I have no idea where he goes or what he does but he must be out on the front porch before the strike of 5 am.

We had a fantastic day yesterday, it's absolutely incredible how much the three of us accomplished while still having time to enjoy a proper visit. And it's actually very pleasant to do these kind of chores with someone. MLou and I pitched and stacked 2 full cords of wood, now all safe and sound and dry in neat rows in my sun porch and while we worked away on the wood pile, the other garden elf, Lauchie, who was properly garbed up/out in all the safety accoutrement of a chain saw wielding elf was busy chopping and trimming and bundling and piling. My yard looks SO much better, so trimmed, so ... dare I say neat (er). Pas de neglected jungle look. Sigh.

They piled back in the car to head back to the city, along with Miss J. (who came along for the lovely long drive the car being one of her most favourite places) just as the sun was just beginning to sink over our little harbour (4:30pm). I tidied up the kitchen a bit, tromped around the newly trimmed yard and garden with Miss D attempting to coax the Nessie to come out from his, eek company's here, hiding place, I stoked the fire with a few more logs and we all enjoyed a lovely snug & smug evening.

merci garden elves.

chocolate chip cookie recipe


  1. Mmm...I'll take one of those delightful looking cookies with my tea this morning!

  2. sounds like a very industrious day. i used to love to help my dad cut and stack wood for the winter. fun memories! the cookies look delicious! i'm glad to be back and reading blogs again!

  3. I have less fond memories from my childhood of helping cut, pitch and stack wood for the winter. I didn't mind other chores, but the whole wood thing always left me feeling resentful. I'm sure if I had had better company, it would have been more fun.

  4. Hey J, You know I think the fun of pitching and piling wood is all relative to the rising cost of heating oil, not to mention the comfort and coziness of being curled up on the sofa each cold winter evening avec my gang - with a fire blazing in the fireplace.

    Hope you're slogging through to the other side - and there is another side and you will get there. Sending lots of love your way.

  5. Good Morning! I am finally rejoining my online society today. I've enjoyed catching up here. Your photos are more lovely than ever. I have GOT to get it together on the photo thing! Just when I had plans for a new camera at Christmas, I feel the need to hoard my liquidity, so I am just going to have to squeeze out any goodness to be found in my current camera for awhile. I got my son to do some wood stacking for me. You are feels so good to see that wood in place!

  6. mmmm....cookies! mmmmm....chocolate chip cookies! :)

    I read your blog for today....VERY, very good post.

    Much love to you and the gang!


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