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Saturday, November 8, 2008

fog over our little harbour yesterday morning

We've been having a wee stretch of unseasonably mild weather. Smile & sigh. The temperature this morning is already 9C, my windows are all wide open, it's raining lightly and the air is fresh and perfect.

It's nearly 6am and I have a very busy weekend planned mostly here at the teak topped desk. I have 5 (count em) new baby frame photo collections to design. Each collection with a different theme and consisting of 4 various sized frames. My theme concepts have all been approved so now it's on to neat little detailed thumbnails (miniature drawings) of each frame (total 20) and ideally ready to send off to Customer No Uno by end of day Sunday. I suspect I'll be hangin' out with Rex this Sunday evening. Wink.

And ... wait there's more, there is another lovely, right up my alley ('cause believe it or not baby frames are not up my alley - oh, who am I kidding ?) project to begin as soon as all the technical/production drawings are completed for these 20 baby frames. Are you nodding off yet ? So much as to say. All is good here at 29 Black Street. Busy keeps that mind from drifting out into the deep and all too familiar waters + cash = security. I'm thinking I may just send the entire fruits of these, baby frame, labours directly to my mon amis at Revenue Canada as they did recently get their biggest, baddest, scariest sounding man to call and leave me a message enquiring about my tres tardy tax payment. Eek & sigh.

What's that expression ? You can't squeeze $ from an empty bank account ... or something like that.

Hoping you all have a perfect Saturday. These are colour photos ... funny how everything is completely grey and muted/


  1. Susan,
    Taxes are due here and insurance payments.. that time of year.
    How are you doing on your downsizing?
    My husband lost his job yesterday,
    but Bailey survived his grueling week and surgery.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I love that you describe your desk..teak topped desk.
    I have a teak desk also!
    Hope you get those frames done today=money.

  2. Good morning, Susan. You never put me to sleep with your blogs! I hate when I miss a day or two. And I always go back to catch up. :) Good luck with your projects this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished work. I think of you every day!

    Much, much love to you and the gang! xo

    PS I left a comment on your last blog, too. ;)

  3. Hi Susan,
    Very cool, misty, moody photos today. It sounds like a very productive weekend for you. I'm going to read some more Tolle over the weekend.

  4. These pictures are all the inspiration one would ever need to create the perfect colour palette for the perfect beach house!

    Lovely weekend to you all! Edward is's sunny and cold today!

  5. we actually had some snow during the week...didn't stay on the roads..but there is still a bit on the shady parts of the lawns.

    Send the tax guys a little cheque and tell them you are trying.... they usually accept some show of making any effort at all....could hold them at bay for awhile.....

  6. I love those foggy photos. I have a series like that on an Oregon beach back when I had my two beloved big dogs. Just them and me in the fog. They are my favorite photos ever.

    Good luck with the tax man. Those guys are scary. Once many, many years ago our company got audited. It was horrifying when a stern woman with a bun on top of her head camped out in our office for a week and we were forced to become her handmaidens, taking her whatever she requested. Turned out good, though. The government ended up owing us a little money! And when she realized we were squeaky clean tax payers, she got down right friendly.

    I commented on the comment commenting etc.

  7. all wonderful photos but the bottom one is my favorite. i like the subtle burgundy hues in the bottom foreground. your baby frames sound like a delightful project to me! all the best with them.

  8. Wonderful misty photos from you.

    Good luck with the Tax Man!


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