Monday, November 17, 2008

the blues of our early morning, sun's not up yet, walk along the water's edge

The blues of the sky and the water and fortunately not necessarily the blues of me and my thoughts. I'm no bluer than I am on any given day, there's always a little twinge of blue in there rattlin' around but today I'm just sippin' my coffee and getting myself mentally geared up for another tres busy and oh so productive week drawing and designing here at the teak topped desk.

I have my week at a glance day planner in front of me (I also have a day at a glance daily planner because we planner types - we can never have too many places to plan), this brand new week, still empty and fresh, waiting for me to fill in all my perfect & neat little jottings of to-dos, must-dos, want-to-dos, dreams, goals and weekly & daily aspirations. Sigh. I'm a girl who could make a full time job out of planning - I love a plan. I love to plan. Wink. So it's back to the nest this early morning (Miss D's sleeping in), with a favourite No. 03 black ink drawing pen, my coffee and this week's still empty pages.

Of course the number 1 item for each day is draw, draw, draw ... and happily draw, draw, draw, but I need to also fit in some of the other quick little bursts of like-to-get-dones - like a 10 min. trash bag tango each and every day, I need to make an appointment to have my eyes checked, order new mats for my upcoming etsy shop prints, scan the PBS weekly schedule to see if there are any documentaries or shows that need recording on my VCR, stack some more wood ....

Check out this week's blog of the week - Sharon Montrose Photography ... sigh

And two videos from another Canadian singer/songwriter gem - Serena Ryder.
I love both these songs and couldn't make up my mind between the two ... (thought Alex might like to add Weak in the Knees to her repertoire - what do you think Alex ??). And me ... well I'm still, and always will be, I'm thinkin', very weak in the knees for that big red Noodle dog.


  1. our day is ...uhm...... greyish, misty, moisty, some snow on the ground... and I need all the lights in the house on.... a perfect day to hibernate and be happy that I can... and happy that I have a pantry and freezer full of "stuff", so I don't have to bother driving anywhere to shop. Always Be Prepared. It used to be the motto (or mantra in modern parlance I suppose) of dental assistants...and is still very much my motto.

    let me see.....I could bake... my new most fav thing to do it seems.... or stitch a bit on my little bear that I began last weekend and haven't touched since....or... do some house cleaning... yeh..better begin with the dust bunnies ..they are almost as big as bunnies too....definitely must trot on the treadmill too...and, so some leg lifts etc...

    other than day is my own....

  2. hey Susan! didn't have to worry about the "return". However, I did want to be ready ...just in case. I have been "fobbed off" a few times in the past and am never allowing that to happen again in my life. hahahha...that always be prepared thing again.....

    My salesman seemed only too happy to make it right even though it stated emphatically on the bill... 25% restocking fee... and immediately refunded the total to my credit card. Thank you Rick... I will be happy to shop there again.....

  3. I love Serena Ryder! I will look for those two songs on I tunes and add them if I can to my big fat wonderful song library. I definitely think "Weak in the Knees" would be a great choice for Alex, too.

    I'll check out Montrose too. I am just crazy here wanting to take better photos. Do you ever read "Artful Blogging"? You will love it if you do not. The beautiful photos in it leave me weak, then frustrated wondering how they get photos like that. Same with the vignettes you shoot.

    About Edgar Sawtelle. Well, perhaps you would feel sad. There is one MOST special dog among the others and the special relationship that actually made me think of you and Jake and me and my old beloveds. And in general, though wonderful...REALLY wonderful, it is a tragic book. But, it is really, really good. But, yes,now that I consider it more thoughtfully, I'd have to say it will make you sad in parts.Very sad. And the ending, though it didn't have to do with the dogs, made me weep for an hour. (Got pissed off at the author, too.) The book celebrates the magnificence of dogs though, and I couldn't help but read it. Of course, I didn't know about the bad bits then.

  4. So calm and lovely, and I'm glad you're happily busy. Nothing beats a good plan!

  5. Good evening, sweet, sweet Susan. I hope your day turned out beautiful. And....ANOther artist I have not heard of, but love! I listened to both songs. I do love the "Weak in the Knees"....I'm looking for it now to download. :) Thanks for thinking of me.

    On another note, I posted "Jimmy Red" in my Etsy shop...but, now, I'm feeling like he needs more, like a saying or something...any ideas/thoughts?

    Much, much love to you and the gang!'


  6. I love, love, love that second song... it takes me right back to my youth! Carefree youth! Love the nonsensical words. They make PERFECT sense to me!

  7. Susan! Thanks for sharing this artist with me! Love her sound and songwriting ability! Just went online via your link and ordered her newly released CD! Can't wait for it to arrive! You are the BEST!!!

    Dallas, Texas


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