Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"hey, is there a photo shoot going on" says Mr. Inquisitive and oh so photogenic

Oliver. Almost daily I'll notice the light somewhere inside or outside and I'll grab my camera, begin to fuss and arrange, I'll be focusing and framing and adjusting dials and settings, and just when I'm ready to take a photograph ... I'll say to myself hey, is that a cat in my picture ?

And once again I'll stop to think Merci Mr. Universe. Thank you for sending me the sweetest, funniest, kindest, gentlest, makes me smile all the time cat - Oliver. I didn't pick him - did you know that ? I had recently lost (euphemism for euthanized) my very sick and senior handsome, tabby cat Ernst and my friend Jean at our shelter had a wee kitten available for adoption that was also a perfect striped tabby (Gussie). I decided I might as well adopt two little boy kittens at the same time and Jean chose Oliver (as the second) and delivered both of the kittens to my door. It just shows me that the Universe does have your best interests at hand - even thinking to send me a much needed design & photography assistant. I often think what if both kittens had had personalities like Mr. Aloof - terribly stand off-ish, we barely ever see him (we think he has his own apartment in the basement), he's the fussiest cat ever and would prefer that I always feed him chicken poached lightly in broth or lean cuts of beef cooked just so. But oh ... on those very rare occasions when he does seek out a little bit of my affection, head butting me and slamming his lean soft body into my arm or hand with deep and instantaneous purrs, he's gentle and so handsome, he's like a sleek and miniature striped ocelot, and of course ... we love Gus too. I'm just happy that he arrived here at 29 Black Street with Oliver in tow.

I cut a few branches from the last tree or shrub in our garden that managed this week to still have leaves clinging to it. A big overgrown smoke bush very close to my front door. The shapes and colours of the leaves are beautiful and the light coming in the front door window yesterday made me stop and grab my camera.


  1. It's funny how they all have their own little personalities just like children. One of my cats can be sound asleep in the far end of the house, but the minute I turn on my sewing machine, he is there at lightening speed to help.

  2. my sister has one that likes to send a personal line or two in every email Vikki attempts to write. Of course, you always know who wrote that bit...little Cleo is a notoriously poor speller ...

    Ver always looks like he is very attentive... almost mischievous too, but in a soft, playful way... he is pretty special and what a handsome assistant...you're a lucky girl...

  3. He is SO adorable, always with his pink nose in the frame. I particularly love the picture of him sharing your ice cream cone.

  4. Oliver's little face is so darling in that shot. Love the smile on his face. It's cool how he came to you rather than you choosing him. I am waiting for the right time to get a new pup. I need a fence and less fear about lions; but I've always known that if a pup happened to find ME, I'd have to keep it.

  5. Smoke bushes are spectacular, aren't they? BTw,love the picture of your cat--it so makes me wish I had some again.


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